Will he sign?

A huge question this summer is the contract saga of Mr Aaron Ramsey – henceforth referred to as Rambo.

As yet no breakthrough has been made in the negotiations so we are left with the inevitable question, how long can we play this game?

Last summer we made a pigs ear of the Sanchez and Özil contract negotiations, allowing them to run down their deals to the point of having Arsenal over a barrel.

Our new leadership team have the strength to resist this. All of the rumours surrounding Andre Gomes must be with this in mind. Gomes is an unfulfilled talent who could be procured relatively cheaply as a gamble but on recent performances is not ready to fill Rambo’s boots. Not yet.

I wonder at what point Ivan, Sven and Raul shout “Stop the bus, I want to get off” and get out of these negotiations. I understand a take it or leave it offer has been tabled, but it remains unsigned.

I don’t expect major movements until after a Singapore, but Rambo will not be short of suitors. I just wonder if this management team really has the cojones to pull the plug and sell him.

I don’t want him to go, but we cannot Let his contract situation dominate this season. We have to be stronger. We Are Arsenal.


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