What to do about Theo

Seeing Theo back on the pitch is a great sight and a fearful one for defenders. But I think I’ve been spoiled by Alexis.


Whenever Theo loses the ball, I want him to go chasing after it. I want him to go harassing players in the way Alexis does. He has the pace to do it. So is it wrong of me to compare Theo’s defensive output and overall competitive spirit against Alexis?

Am I wrong for expecting more now?

Could you just imagine Theo and Alexis harassing opposition defenders? The thought is wonderfully good. It would spawn chance after chance. No defence would hold a high line and it would allow us to apply constant pressure. Especially in tighter games like the Citeh game this weekend. Having two players that can chase and harry and work from wide areas would pin back the opposition full backs and more likely they would have to assign two players to try and stop each of them giving us a numerical advantage.

Just a tuesday thought for the Arsenal Blogosphere.

Til tomorrow.


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