There’s nothing like a 6:0 tonking is there?!

..It galvanises the support for Arsene’s dismissal and leaves those who try to be a bit more positive feeling alienated, feeling like a voice alone in the wilderness.

Be alone no more.

Yesterday was pathetic – as woeful a performance that I have ever seen, worse perhaps than any of our other capitulations because it was filled with such sentiment. 1000 games for the club for the man who ushered in a whole new era at Arsenal and the players gave him nothing to celebrate.

Individual errors from players were the catalyst for what has become a terrible day. I have no desire to name and shame because noone was blameless yesterday. There should be an inquest by the players into what happened yesterday and why. Arsene took the blame, but top players can’t put in performances like that. It was abject, terrible and the should be serious questions asked about the performances of players who know they just didn’t turn up.

I cannot defend the result and I refuse to do so. I think there is still hope for the FA Cup and a healthy position in the league but there can be no more thought of a title challenge. Arsene’s insistence that it’s not over is obvious, albeit a dismal attempt at saving grace and the players cannot take any solace from that.

We were naive yesterday, we didn’t do anything to try and limit the damage and we showed such a lack of focus it was almost unreal.

I’m shocked beyond belief that we have allowed this to happen again. God help us in the FA Cup.

Positively, we do have good players, but too many of them just didn’t perform yesterday. I do feel we are still good for a top 3 spot and are assured of a Champions League spot once again but all that is pointless if we cannot fix this attitude issue in the big games.


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