There is no power shift. One victory can’t wipe out years of history.

The power has shifted across the North London Divide they said. Tottenham are set to dominate North London for years to come they said. Absolute tosh I say. They base these absurd statements on what? Bale? He won’t be a Spurs player for much longer will he?! Without his obvious brilliance and simian-esque features, the scum from the lane would be nowhere this season. In fact, without looking too closely at it they probably would be courting with the bottom half of the table. Power shift my left buttock.

I’ve been taking a week-long rest off the Blogosphere to try and stay away from all of this hyperbole and ridiculous knee-jerk reactions that keep doing the rounds. Are Arsenal a worse team because they lose to the Scum than they were the week before? Of course not. We saw it again, the attacking, great play again undermined by awful defending and profligacy in front of goal.

You cannot fault the effort, but perhaps the execution is misdirected. Earlier in the season we were lauded for being tight at the back – but this collective team work had a negative effect on our attacking focus. This was especially highlighted as players like Podolski, Giroud and Cazorla were trying to find their collective feet in the new-look Arsenal side.

We need to return to that solid defending, it’s not personnel that is the problem but a collective effort and focus is required to sacrifice maybe some of the glamour football to achieve results.

Positive news abounds with Yaya Sanogo being linked with Arsenal. Apparently Arsene and Gilles Grimandi met with him and his agent. I will say this, he is highly rated on Football Manager, he’s french, young and he’s available on a free in the summer. Put those together and we have a typical Arsese signing. From what I have seen of him in glimpses he has looked like a player with potential, more of a Drogba/Lukaku-like player than an Anelka.

What has it come to when such signings prick our interest. Frankly we can all see we need reinforcements in defensive midfield and up front so any news is going to be huge.

Focus on what is important Gooners, we have to win the next game, then the next and hopefully the one after that.




4 thoughts on “There is no power shift. One victory can’t wipe out years of history.”

  1. Every empire in recorded history has eventually sucombe and been over taken by a new and emerging power and so will go the way of Wengers Arsenal. From Sumeria to Genghis Kan and on the ancient Rome they all go the same way its all about cycles. Arsenal can have as many trophies as they like but if their team is not as superior as another well obviously a power shift has occurred no?? this is not to say that the power ( better team ) is now the white half of north London though if such a time is to happen well then, yes, the power will have shifted. If Arsenal fail to make the CL this year I predict big problems and 4/5 years to get back into the champions league just look at Liverpool and how hard its been for them and I believe they will be back even stronger next year. This is a defining season in the gradual decline of Wengers project playing out right infront of our eyes and no amount of trophies won ( none in eight years ) can smooth over that fact.

    1. Hi Neil,

      First of all, many thanks for commenting! Its clear you have put a considerable amount of thought into this but I think your theory is flawed. Football clubs are not empires to be built and destroyed, they are now huge organisms that morph and change with additions and departures on a bi-annual basis.

      At each of these bi-annual events, the prospects of the team can be transformed by the addition or subtraction of its parts. You can go from a really great side to a rather disappointing one if you sell two good players and don’t replace them.

      That has been the crux of the problem, our “empire” isn’t gone but we are taking a battering right now. It isn’t hard to see that with a couple of good additions we could be challenging again.

      Arsene missed a great opportunity to strengthen further in Jan, but I suspect he will not be so lax in the summer. We have to strengthen, then we will challenge again.


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