Opportunity knocks for the brave

It’s been a while hasn’t it? Well I’m back and I’m going to try to be better than before, which is important.

So Arsenal have come a long way in the last 6 months or so. We’ve made quality additions in the form of Flamini, Ozil and Kallstrom. Whatever your opinion is or isn’t about the way the Kallstrom transfer came about, he has real European and International pedigree. Is he what we need? Looking at Jack’s recent injury and the current long term injury to Rambo then yes, he was exactly the type of player we needed on a short-term deal.

Super Mesut World
Super Mesut World

We all knew what we would get with Flamini, he’s a real blood and guts midfielder who has learnt more of the tactical side of the game and he announced his return to Arsenal with a flying challenge in the last NLD. I’m glad he’s back. He gives me a feeling that there is steel once again in our midfield, not every game can be won with classy football and beautiful movement, sometimes a great challenge can kick-start a game. Flamini gives his all, he’s not Vieira, but who is? There hasn’t been a midfielder since him that has been able to affect both sides of the game in equal measure.

We also signed a certain mercurial German – you might have seen him before, Mesut Ozil. I want to make my stance on him perfectly clear, his ability to affect a football game is unquestionable, his talent is unquestionable and I am delighted to have him. When he signed I knew he would create chances for Theo and anyone else who will make the runs for him. When Ozil has struggled this season it is because people haven’t made the effort to run for him. He can’t do it all himself.

He has attracted a certain amount of criticism for his performances, but it is his first season and he just has to work through it. Pires, Mertesacker and Bergkamp are perfect examples of players who took time to get used to the pace of the league. As fans we should defend him, not attack him. It drives me bananas to see fans trying t0 score hits by destroying our players – go support the scum.

We are without his talents for a few weeks due to an unfortunate hamstring pull in the 2nd minute of the Bayern game. That said, we performed well at the Allianz and I hope that it will have a similar effect to last year and galvanise our squad, focus our attentions and allow us to express ourselves in our league form and in the FA Cup.

Today is the NLD and we can capitalise on a slip up by Chelski and we can take back some points by earning a victory today. Tim Sherwood’s Spuds are an odd outfit, but he has made some brave decisions that so far have paid dividends. He put his faith in Adebayor to score the goals required and again Ade is having his purple patch. We will have to work hard to keep him quiet, but we have more than enough talent on the pitch to get the three points today.

Santi is coming back into form I think and we could do with starting him through the middle, with Podolski on the left and the Ox on the right. In fact, I think we should line up a little bit like this;

The Ox

Eyebrows might be raised about Vermaelen’s inclusion, but I thought he performed admirably in the Allianz and deserves to keep the left-back slot, however much he dislikes it. He is a solid player, who is playing his way back into form and deserves another opportunity to showcase his ability. I don’t want him to leave in the summer, but the BFG/Koscielny axis works well and Thomas knows it would be a foolish decision to break a winning partnership, even if its to his detriment.

I think that Rosicky will start ahead of Flamini, I think Arsene will go for Tomas’s drive and dynamism and build an early lead. We will look to outplay them rather than outfight them. The Scum aren’t especially tough through the middle and will look to try and play football so we can really take advantage of that.

I think we can really stamp our authority today, I think we have a lot to prove and we can keep our momentum going today.

It feels good to be a Gooner doesn’t it?




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