When I read that Arsenal were intending on triggering Vardy’s release clause I was initially struck with a feeling of disbelief. Jamie Vardy, aged 28, currently plying his trade for Leicester City is now a target for Arsenal.


It didn’t make sense, it didn’t fit the mould, until that is, I thought more about what made Vardy tick last season. I saw a fair bit of him last season because his story intrigued me, Vardy the rapscallion who couldn’t make it at his first attempt dropped down out of the football league and fought his way back up. It is almost a fairytale, worthy of a straight to DVD budget film.

So what did make him so successful and so noticeable. A lot of hype has surrounded Riyad Mahrez this season, the tricky winger reminds me somewhat of Pires and his assists for Vardy (and indeed vice-versa) is exactly what made Leicester so successful. I ask you this however, who is the better inside forward, Mahrez or Sanchez?

I know who I’d pick and we’ve already signed him.

With that in mind, if Vardy and Sanchez can click in the same way as he did with Mahrez – and given that he has setup a reasonably successful partnership with Kane already, it seems Vardy is pretty good at building relationships based on mutual gain, then we have a potent addition to our strike-force next season.

Vardy isn’t the long-term answer, but Football at the top level is about the short-term now. There just isn’t the patience there once was. This can be decided by a multitude of factors, but the Arsenal fan-base has never been so divided, so determined for change at all levels.

In the short-term, we could be looking at Arsene’s last season (I would like to put it on record that I don’t think it will be, nor do I want it to be – I believe that he has earned the right to compete now he has the financial muscle to do so). With that in mind, Arsene I’m certain will want to go out on a high. To rescue his damaged legacy somewhat and give the fans one last shot of happiness straight into the arm.

The signing of Vardy however significantly affects the position of Theo Walcott. Right now, it could go both ways for the nicest guy in football. I believe Vardy to be more effective when coming in from the left inside-forward position and I think Arsene would see that too. With that in mind I believe Sanchez would move out to the right and Giroud/A N Other target man would fulfill the top spot.

That leaves no first-team spot for Theo, unless a) He has a blinder in pre-season and convinces Arsene to put him in that front three or b) The Ox and Campbell go.

I just cannot see Oxlade-Chamberlain going, he still has plenty of room on his current contract and he still needs to prove himself at this level. Injuries have held him back but Arsene is nothing if not a patient, loyal and economical man. Joel Campbell however is a different prospect. It seems clear to me that Arsene just doesn’t fancy him as a player. Even when he came in and did extremely well (I love the defensive shift he puts in), he was soon put out of the team by and out of form Ox and then eventually the effervescent Alex Iwobi.

I certainly can see Campbell being sold, a decent profit should be garnered if he has a decent Copa America and I’ll be sad to see him go.  I think he has the ability, but there must be something missing for Arsene not to give him a shot. I’m pretty certain he wouldn’t have been signed without sign-off from Arsene, so it must be something that Arsene is seeing every day that is making the decision not to play him.

A shame, but not everyone makes it at Arsenal and still goes on to have a decent career, see Havard Nordveit for example.

If Campbell moves on then Theo might be retained, but I think it is time for us and him to part ways. It was telling to me that Theo has set himself up with a personal trainer to keep himself fit/strengthen himself. Why is he doing it now? Because he wants to start again with a new club and he wants to prove himself. It is clear to me he is totally bereft of confidence and a fresh start could re-ignite his career.

We have room for Vardy and it seems the Leicester fans are already kicking off – giving Rebekah Vardy some stick, she’s only just married him – the poor lamb and now she is copping it. Fine attack the players twitter if it makes you feel better – but his wife?! What’s next? Trolling Sanchez’s dogs?


Some people are just idiots.