When its not going right…

At what point is under-achieving acceptable? Is poor form an excuse?

Point a) Arshavin, for what he is paid should be burying chances like he got against Huddersfield. Flipside Point b) Arshavin, who has admitted is suffering poor form and a lack of confidence showed excellent work-rate and desire and is still giving 100% to try and drag himself back to form.

For me, I’m firmly in point b. The very least I expect is for Arsenal players to compete and fight to win. Arshavin didn’t give up for a second and worked hard from the second he stepped on the field. His defensive block surely denied a goal-scoring opportunity and showed his determination to get his diminutive frame in the way.

My colleague suggested that its still not enough. We should still expect more for what we pay him.

I’d love to hear what you guys think, everyone I speak to seems to fall between these two points so it would be great to try and work out what the general blogosphere think.


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One Reply to “When its not going right…”

  1. Give the man a break … he will get to his best again! as u rightly stated he had a good work rate and that's what is important. the goals will come … hopefully against barcelona!!! go on u gooners

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