I’m hoping for a big change of attitude next season. It has to change. This submissive, nice team will never win anything until they learn how to dig in and fight. ManYoo won the league by not losing games, not by annihilating all that set foot in front of them. They just didn’t lose games when they had no right to nick a draw. Much will be made of favourable decisions that they have been given, but it does happen, sometimes the results go for you, sometimes they don’t…as above with Rambo really.

I didn’t like Chamakh’s comments about RvP being the logical choice up front and he would have to take a bench seat because RvP is “a phenomenon”. Why on earth would you be so submissive? Tell the manager you want to play up front and you deserve it on your performances. As soon as he was out of the team Chamakh’s confidence was shorn and didn’t recover. Of course he was tired, bound to be in his first season but he gave a lot and some were quick to jump on his back when his performances have suffered.

We need to change this formation, I really don’t want to see us line up like that again. Playing one up front really does stifle our attacking threat because all the play happens between midfield and the 18yrd box but RvP can never get on it because he’s got two centre-backs to deal with.

We need a change of mentality, formation and personnel. That’s not frustrated fan hyperbole. It is not media induced frenzy. It is just plain fact. We have under-achieved this season and I would like to see the board come out and say so. I want to see something said because although I trust Arsene can sort it out, this Arsene utopia where it’s OK to come third, maybe even fourth needs to end right now.

Silent Stan is a results man, he invests in success and generates success with his teams with sensible, dynamic investment where required. I don’t think he will be happy with 3rd or 4th after the chances we’ve had this season. I think he will have questions and I think he will demand greater effort next season.