Captain of the Brazil under 18s, once considered a solid first teamer, the decline of Denilson has been meteoric.

As fans we must take our part in this, our support of him has waned and his selection is met with a groan and not a cheer.

His confidence is shot to pieces, I’m not sure he hit one pass to the right player yesterday. Arguably his performance was down there with Squillaci and Almunia.

So what do we do with him apart from taking him out back and releasing him from his torment? A loan spell away might help but the argument is valid that he is no longer integral and has been superceded by Wilshire and Ramsey.

I suggest we cut our losses and sell him, along with Diaby. Between them we’d get a good 12million easy and save on the wage bill.

I don’t like giving up on players, especially talented one’s but I just think both of them are square pegs now and I just wonder if its time to let them move on?

Let me know your thoughts folks