I’ve been pondering this since saturday. What on earth made Almunia run out like that? Has he forgotten that his job is to stand between the sticks and stop goals?

In credit to him, he was reasonably quick over the ground but he should never have been there in the first place. With a defender covering (whose confidence is already low) why would you go out and effectively rugby tackle your own player out of the way to let the opposition striker get free? Other than winning a bet of course…or a large envelope full of cash.

It was a daft decision and one without any grounds that I can see. If Odemwingie got past Squillaci which is perhaps a reasonable chance on this occasion then surely making yourself big and cutting down the angle is far better than a rush of blood like that?

We all knew Almungo was an idiot. Conclusive proof isn’t hard to find. I would just like to ask him what made him do it.

In other news, its the international break now. A chance for our players to return to fitness and return to our side in the run in. We need them and we need them match-fit asap. We will need many big performances to win this league now and after Saturday, I’m worried. Not that we will score goals, because we can always score, but defensively we are more nervous than a banana at chimpanzee feeding time.

Lets hope the likes of Song and Cesc are fit to return for the next fixture, their presence is certainly required.


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