We risked Fabregas in a game where we shouldn't have needed him. Now we've lost him for 3 weeks.

I'm just stunned to be honest. Braga is not a team that should beat us 2:0.

There are players who went for the ride yesterday and it cost us the game.

Normally I'm a positive guy, but I'm getting fed up of feeling embarassed.

To clarify, we needed 3 points from Shakhtar away and we'd qualify. We didn't get it. We needed 3 points against Braga to qualify, we didn't get it.

I almost want us to lose to Partizan at home to prove a point – nothing less than 100 percent effort and concentration for 90 mins. Its not hard, players do it on pitches every weekend. Just switching off seems ro be our curse. Its bloody daft to be honest.

Where does this leave us? Needing to scrape a result at home againt partizan just to qualify. Lots to look at on the training ground I think. Certain personnel need dropping for a game or two.

I'll post a player focus later, something a little bit more positive I hope!