Wenger to emulate Captain Scott?

In this snow encrusted world that we all live in at the moment you could be forgiven for being a little downhearted following the powder-puff defeat against Chelski. I for one looked on, dumbstruck whilst we gave away opportunity after opportunity as if they needed them.


Were Chelski better than us over 90 minutes? Good lord no. We had enough about our play in the second half that we could have nicked something. Perhaps it’s a sign of the times that I would be happy if we nicked a draw, deserved perhaps but not got.

Will that be a worrying indictment of our season? So close, but when it counted we folded? When we started the game yesterday we were afraid. The ball was a hot potato and nobody had the oven gloves. We miss the experienced head of Arteta and we need someone else. Someone with Premier League experience who isn’t going to be cowed by playing against Mata, Ramires et al.

The mighty George Graham, arbiter of the Boring Boring Arsenal era has seen fit to stick the knife into Arsene by suggesting the current Arsenal “crisis” is Arsene’s fault. So I feel it necessary to draw a line in the sand, mark out my territory, make a stand.

I don’t agree with you George. I think the football landscape has changed faster over the last 10 years than it has since the Sky era began. Football clubs with normal means and sub-par players got promoted (Citeh) to the Premier League using extraordinary funds outside their generated means and were able to invest enough to become a global super-club – in appearance if not in behaviour./p pHas anyone forgotten the spending at Citeh even before Robinho? Sven Goran Erikssen took over there and was given a substantial warchest and he invested heavily. Bruce came in and did the same and now Mancini.

Let’s not forget Chelski, Claudio “the Tinkerman” Ranieri was given a super-boost when Abramovich arrived, bankrolling the signings of Frank Lampard, Arjen Robben, Joe Cole and more.

So long ago, but those butterflies flapped their wings and wholesale changes began in the Premier League. We are not alone however, the Premier League is only one example, look at PSG, Anzi Macachkala, Spartak Moscow they’re all at it.

We don’t have an owner that throws money at Arsenal. Are we worse off for it? After years of slagging everyone else off for the same, it would be rather hypocritical to sit there and say yes. We have our way of doing things, we’ve built a tradition and an identity and that is all down to Arsene. Where would we go if Arsene left? I’m afraid for this Arsenal side at the moment. We aren’t starting games well and haven’t for some time. We can be a good side, but we seem to need a kick up the backside at half-time. As if they need to be told to play better – rather than just doing it.

There is a void of any real responsibility and decision-making on the pitch and that is where we are struggling. Years ago, Adams would have been calling the shots on the pitch. Who do we have talking now? No one.

No one talks anymore. I’ve seen Arteta pleading and encouraging, but no one else.

Why are we so keen to keep quiet, are we so fragile that some harsh words could damage a players performance? It’s weird and frustrating.

So should Arsene leave the Emirates tent? I hope not, I feel that the man has earned a bit more patience. He needs to be told that further poor performances will seriously affect his Arsenal stock and his future will be considered. I don’t want to see the back of Arsene, but something needs to change on the pitch. Performances like Chelski cannot keep happening. We need leaders, talkers but most of all, we need fighters.


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