6 thoughts on “Well, I didn’t expect that – Arsene is fuming!”

  1. Good article as always WiganGooner.

    Spot on about the focus and commitment (many will say this is obviously self-evident – but will all know everything flows from this initially), you win the right to play as it were. The thing that I found so ffing frustrating (as I am sure most other Gooners did as well), was that all week preceding the game we hear from both AW and the players, how they cannot take their eye of the ball, every game’s a cup final etc. And yet they performed in total contrast to what they were actually preaching. I put the blame squarely on Wenger’s shoulders, and his lack of ability to get them all totally focussed before what let’s face it, is not one of the hardest away games, as well as his tactical decisions regarding the left-wing position, which to most of us was inexplicable as it was annoying (no doubt that gervinho or the ox running at QPRs’ defence would have had them running scared). This was a pivotal match for us, and I hope that the poor result is not as decisive as I fear (pessimism gleaned from an early age watching the Arsenal, namely, crying after brady and rix miss penalities against valencia in 1980) in the race for champion league spots. Good article as always.



    1. Hi Flashman, thanks for contributing!

      Very well reasoned indeed, completely agree with you. I think there is only so much pre-match talking that needs to be said and there is more to be said for doing it rather than talking about doing it.

      I don’t want to suggest that Theo/Rosicky were not good enough to beat the QPR defence, because they certainly are but noone performed well enough over the 90mins and that is down to focus and committment to be at your highest level, to not allow you to believe you can win before the final whistle.

      Arsenal lacked a bit of cutting edge, I thought Song and Ramsey were both passengers and you cant afford to carry players for 90mins.


  2. typical ha ha fans, when ever lose, always the ha ha`s didnt play well.

  3. Point blank, Ramsey is just not good enough, I can’t count the number of times that his teammates actually played around him and chose not to include him be it because he was stuffing himself into a shape centrally that he wasn’t supposed to, or they know he can not actually turn around and pick out a teammate without turning the ball over. The sad part is, Wenger keeps stuffing him in there like a square into a circular peg. Mark my words, AOC will start on the left against City. Wenger plays him in important matches but doesn’t find him important enough to play every weekend. If he’s your last minute hailmary and is fit then he should be playing normally. It would be a surprise how the others competing for the same position will up their effort-level.

  4. Hello WG,

    Never gave you much thought but, I’m glad that I have now. Too much crap on the blogs with no truth or sense these days but, goonerton likes this.

    Like you I also noticed a change in Wenger’s attitude towards the team and I think it’s for the best because I always believed it can’t be a good thing when some of our players were making the same costly mistakes week in week out and it looked like they wasn’t being dragged to the side about it.

    Another major factor in our so say “lack of concentration” or “switching off” is that we don’t have enough players being pushed for their place especially in midfield.

    Really we should of wiped the floor with QPR and further more we could of even been challenging for 2nd place if we kept the momentum going 3 weeks ago but, stumbled again. All in all for The Arsenal to come back from being 3rd from bottom and at one point 17points behind shit spuds is a massive sign of what we can do and just how much stronger we than most team in the EPL no matter what crap gets printed.

    We do need a proper DM in the shape of M’villa to make a serious challenge next season. I have seen this guy and for all the other talk thats gone before this is the only player I have seen that reminds me of the Patrick V. The way he mops up, crunch tackles and delivers that defence splitting ball is so much like our No4 Legend.

    Again like you I have been watching Ryo , for a very very long time now and I think he will take the prem by storm next season. We missed out on Christian Ronaldo but, we now have Ryo. And you right about Theo because this kid Ryo, has so many tricks in his bag it’s a joke.

    Ox, Wenger knows exactly what he is doing to bring this kid on. I have learned never to doubt Le Prof. Watch and learn.

  5. Manamongst,

    The media just love Arsenal fans like you. They tap into your frustrations and hook you into their bullshit. Ramsey had a very serious career ending injury and wasn’t going to come back firing and gave us a false dawn when he first came back because he fitted straight back in due to injuries to others and it looked like a seamless transition but, it was always going to happen to he would have a bag full of crap games but, he’s human and very young and he also knows that he is way off the pace and he knows what to do about it. We have a fantastic team which has been 6-7 years in the making and we will compete next season and their will be more media hatred than ever before because we will have a full of quality and debt free. This is what hate the most.

    p.s careful not to step in the bullshit mate.

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