Welcoming the Scousers to the Emirates

In last season’s corresponding fixture, Liverpool won their first game over Arsenal in eleven attempts over eleven and a half years. Needless to say it is critical that a repeat of that blip doesn’t happen tonight.



In terms of our squad we are looking pretty healthy. Available for selection tonight after resting at the weekend is Wilshire, Walcott, Cazorla as well as Vermaelen is fit following his ankle injury. I am excited to see how we get on tonight. Cazorla always seems to have a storming game after a good rest, so I am looking forward to him ripping them apart. It is a good time for our forwards to be hitting form and in Giroud and Walcott, we can certainly feel confident of a goal or two.

We are short of a couple of quality additions, more so as we have significantly weakened our squad by loaning out players who can do a job for us, especially Frimpong who I feel offers a bit of steel in our midfield and has been knocking on the door for a while. I totally understand sending him off on loan to play Premier League football, to learn and to grow. Stunting his growth by leaving him on the bench hurts us more than helps, but we need to replace him with a quality player.

I understand Arsène when he says he doesn’t want to stifle young players coming through. A large part of our ability to attract top, young talent is based on the fact that if you are good enough, age is irrelevant and Arsène will back you. Can there really be no one out there that we could get on loan for 6 months? Or a short-term contract? I admit, I’m feeling a tad uncomfortable about the current squad. I feel we lack a bit of experience in the middle which leaves us irresponsibly light at the back when the opposition are counter-attacking.

Liverpool are a side that likes to control possession, to play the ball on the ground and play through teams. The type of side that plays to our strengths too. They aren’t formidable through the middle of the park and with the exception of Gerrard and the loathsome Suarez, lack any real world-class talent. Make no bones about it,  I hold less concern about this result than the game against Brighton that I felt could hold some surprises. Liverpool won’t surprise us. We need to do our research, get someone mobile like Koscielny tight to Suarez and Ramsey/Diaby on Gerrard and Liverpool will struggle to affect the game.

Liverpool are not a walk-over but they are a familiar foe and familiarity breeds complacency. We need to be focussed, we need to setup a real run of form now.  We have big-big games coming up and we start tonight.  A victory tonight would put us one point off fourth spot, Arsène’s current Holy Grail. I cannot fathom why the signing of Walcott constitutes a success in sealing the quality signings that we need to strengthen. We are horrendously short of a real defensive midfielder in our side and that could really make a difference for us.

Is Arsene short-sighted, or does he really believe that Ramsey can do the role? He has done well in the last two games, but I just don’t think his instincts suit the role.  Only time will really tell, but I don’t want us to go out of the Champions League to Bayern as part of an experiment when a purchase of Lee Cattermole, or some other nasty (but incredibly good at what they do) defensive midfielder who would take a game like that by the scruff off the neck. Bear in mind, that player wouldn’t need to play every week, but in those games that Arsène feels that a defensive midfielder is required.

Top sides have quality defensive midfielders. They all do. It’s not a mystery or a secret. Arsène’s most successful years at Arsenal involved three of the best defensive midfielders to wear the shirt, Petit, Vieira and Gilberto Silva. Were they the best players with the ball? Not in comparison to the likes of Bergkamp or Pires but in their role they didn’t have many peers of the same ability.

We miss a Gilberto Silva every single game. Every single game a run from the opposition gets through that should be stopped.  Enough of this though, we have talented players who can win tonight and that is all that matters in the very short term.

Come on you Gooner’s we have invited the bin-dippers to Arsenal. Lets give ’em a right welcome and then a decent spanking to send ’em home!!


20 thoughts on “Welcoming the Scousers to the Emirates”

  1. There is nothing much between the two teams right now. So how you can delude yourself as to your supposed superiority is a mystery. Your lack of respect is obvious, Liverpool do not lack class, Suarez is better than any Arsenal player, fact.. that,s why you loathe him.. Johnson, Sturridge, Reina, Agger Luas , are all top class players. So get a grip and take your medicine, that might cure your delusions of Arsenal Grandeur

    1. Hi,

      Thanks for commenting. I didn’t suggest Liverpool lacked class, merely that only Suarez and Gerrard are the only World-Class players. I didn’t say the rest of your squad was rubbish, just in my opinion the two players mentioned are world-class. The reason why I consider Suarez “loathsome” is because he is a racist and a cheat. Convicted by Premier League tribunal on one count, often yellow carded for the other.


  2. Liverpool fan here, and while I don’t disagree with much of what you say, I’d just like to ask who, exactly, you think is ‘world class’ in Arsenal’s squad? And why do you jump from mentioning ‘world class’ as a factor to the view that the Brighton game held more ‘concern’ for you? Brighton who, with all due respect, probably have less ‘world class’ players than either of us.

    I presume your point is that Brighton would be more likely than Liverpool to surprise you by having an alternative game-plan or something??? Is that it? This is the same Brighton who, under Poyet, play pretty much exactly the same way as Liverpool, right?

    Your article is muddled, myopic, a little unrealistic, and more than a little arrogant. Hopefully, for us, Arsenal will approach tonight’s game with a similar mindset to your own.

    1. Hi,

      Thanks for your comments, in terms of World Class players at Arsenal it is easy to jump straight to Santi Cazorla (European Cup winner, World Cup winner), Lukas Podolski (World Cup Finalist, European Cup Finalist), Per Mertesacker (World Cup Finalist, European Cup Finalist), Mikel Arteta (who would be in the Spanish team every week if it wasn’t for Xavi and Iniesta (and now Cesc)).

      I wasn’t trying to show a lack of respect, more point out that we have already played Liverpool this season and know what to expect, whereas Brighton might hold a surprise because I don’t watch them every week. Perhaps you do, but I don’t.

      I do appreciate your input though, whilst slightly aggressive, it is always welcome.


      1. Hi again,

        Hardly aggressive mate – just perhaps not what you want to hear.

        I’d argue that, while excellent, Cazorla was on the very periphery of the successful Spanish team – having missed the ENTIRE 2010 World Cup, and playing a total of 16 minutes of Spain’s ENTIRE Euro 2012 campaign.

        And Podolski and Mertesacker didn’t actually play in a World Cup Final as you say. Unless you’re suggesting that they’ve played in a World Cup? In which case, I’ll counter with the words ‘Jamie’ and ‘Carragher’.

        Arteta, as you point out, ISN’T actually in the Spanish team ‘every week’. Saying that Arteta would feature in the Spanish side if it weren’t for Xavi and Cesc is a little like saying Jose Enrique would feature in the Spanish side if it weren’t for Jordi Alba.

        I didn’t suggest that you WERE trying to show a lack of respect. I suggested that you were showing a lack of respect WITHOUT trying.

        Be careful – Arsenal fans have usually been quite level-headed and quite knowledgeable. You’re floating extremely close to ‘United fan territory’ by spouting false ‘facts’ and displaying ill-conceived arrogance.


        1. Lukas Podolski and Mertesacker both started in the 2008 European final. Podolski and Mertesacker both started the 2010 Semi Final against Spain (which they lost) and then Podolski was rested for the 3rd place playoff…which Germany won. I’ve not even looked at Cazorla yet, but don’t make me spend time proving you wrong on that too.

          Now who’s being factual? 🙂

          I am enjoying the banter though, so keep it up 🙂


          1. This is embarrassing for you now. Why wouldn’t you check up on your own team’s players? Especially the ones you refer to as ‘World Class’?

            My comments on Cazorla ARE actually true. If you’d like to trawl back 5 years to when he actually played even a semi-meaningful role in his national side’s success, then I think it’s only fair that I can mention the fact that we have a Copa America WINNER who can’t even get into our first team, in the form of Sebastian Coates.

            From what I can ascertain from the players you’ve mentioned, the main basis for your logic seems to be ‘international success’. Two have done next to nothing internationally since 2008. And one of THEM is Arteta for Christ’s sake.

            So to conclude (hopefully), by that token, Arsenal, too, only have 2 ‘world class’ players – Podolski and Mertesacker. Would you swap them for Gerrard and Suarez?

            Oh dear.

            This banter would be ace if it didn’t feel like I was exploiting mental illness.

          2. Hi,

            I don’t need to check up on Cazorla, I merely suggested that to refute your suggestions that he only played 16 minutes I would have to go check..and I work so…I’d have to do it tonight. Honestly I’m just be playful mate, you need to chill out a little. Regarding Seb Coates, even Franco Di Santo has a cap for Argentina.

            Surely international appearances and relative success of the international side when they are a part of it is how you would measure someone being world-class? To suggest (following your very reasoned arguments) that Santi Cazorla isn’t world-class is foolish. In 2012 alone he made 11 international appearances and scored 4 goals.

            Again, whilst I do keep trying to steer you away from attacking me as a person (just to be clear, I am an Arsenal fan, this is an Arsenal site so expect bias) and I am enjoying the banter, but I do wish you and Liverpool the best of luck and hope most fervently that we kick your arse. I haven’t in any way attacked you as a person, nor questioned your mental faculties, although your arguments are very much based in falsehood and fantasy.

            To conclude my side of the banter, I rate Gerrard, hence why I called him world-class, would I swap him for Per Mertesacker? Daft question, one’s a defender. Podolski for Suarez, now that is interesting – No. I don’t like Suarez’s antics.


          3. Andy Carroll played more minutes in the Euros than Cazorla, and scored. Obviously, I’d have Cazorla over Carroll any day. But for someone who knows Cazorla’s goals and appearances record for 2012, I’m surprised you seem to be experiencing such a chasm of knowledge when it comes to games in which it actually matters – not just friendly games against Saudi Arabia, Puerto Rico, South Korea, and Serbia.

            In other news, “I don’t need to check up on Cazorla, I merely suggested that to refute your suggestions” seems to negate your pithy “Now who’s being factual?” comment.

            Your comments on Coates and Di Santo are as muddled and irrelevant as your original article, whilst also wildly missing the point.

            I think you’ve been badly owned here in this comments section my friend. And while it wouldn’t surprise me at all if Liverpool mess up against Arsenal later tonight, I think you should be much more concerned with your own knowledge of your own club before you can afford to make hilariously naive comments about other clubs.

            The ‘chill out’ comment is very much appreciated though. I presume this is as close to an admission that you were ‘talking shite’ as I’m going to get, so I’ll leave you to it.

            “although your arguments are very much based in falsehood”.
            Says it all.

          4. In relation to the Goals scored by Cazorla vs Carroll, you can only score if you are on the pitch. The Spanish squad is ridiculous, even Juan Mata doesn’t start games. Comparing Cazorla and Carroll is a crazy comparison. I think Carroll is a good player, but for some daft reason you sent him out on loan. 35 Million pound the transfer, worth it wasn’t it?

            Chill out was merely a kind request to calm down and stop being an aggressive troll. I appreciate you coming here and putting your thoughts down on my site and I have enjoyed bantering with you, but there is a line, a point where we agree to disagree that doesn’t involve being rude. Again, please bear in mind this is an ARSENAL FAN SITE, not a Liverpool fan site. I couldn’t give two beans if you like me or not or think that you have by some definition won this debate. The very fact you are here and spouting off your bizarre, scouse mutterings is a win for me as I do what I do for people to read and enjoy (or not in your case).

            Just to re-iterate one FINAL time, this is an ARSENAL blog site, not a site that has to be unbiased.


          5. I have no idea where or why this abuse of a fellow Gooner is even on my site. Please refrain from abusing people – especially me on it. You are here because I am happy for you to be – please do not continue to test my generosity.


          6. We were a class above you in the 2nd half. We gave you the first by being timid and giving you too much respect. Should have had a pen for the trip on Podolski.

            You’re calling us jammy? Bizarre. You guys did well, be glad with your point. 🙂


          7. “I do what I do for people to read and enjoy” and ” this is an ARSENAL FAN SITE, not a Liverpool fan site”. How’s that working out for you?

            The ONLY people commenting here are Liverpool supporters mate. Maybe you should consider a change of direction?

          8. Hi,

            I am comfortable with my identity to be honest. I get plenty of really good comments from Arsenal fans and some opposition fans too. Indeed, your visit here and your relentless commenting is a delight 🙂


          9. And if you’re looking for a penalty for the non-incident with Podolski, then we’re having one for the handball by Vermaelen.

            Funny how you lot were so quick to criticise Suarez for diving and handling, when you’ve got Wilshere, Cazorla, Vermaelen, and the ‘loathsome’ Giroud on your team.

            Mate, the point of ALLLLLL of this is – beware of your delusions. At least we KNOW we’re shit.

          10. How can you call it a non-incident? Wisdom tripped Podolski in the box. That’s the very definition of an incident. Something happened.

            I am struggling to quantify your point about Suarez vs Wilshire, Cazorla, Vermaelen and Giroud, so I’ll just ignore it.

            I never said we were top of the league, I didn’t say we were the best club in the world at the moment. I merely suggested (in my biased Arsenal way) that we have more World Class players than Liverpool. I still stand by that comment.

            Thank you again for your continued interest in my site. 🙂


  3. If Liverpool win tonight, they will be equal on points with Arsenal. Not bad for a team struggling this season. Don’t know what to say about Arsenal though. Every year is the same old story.

    1. As a team, you cannot keep selling your best players if you want to stay at the top of the game. Fortunately we have managed to stay near the top and again this season I think we will finish in the top 4. It is a disappointing cycle at the moment, but I do feel with a bit of consistency we could do some real damage in this league.


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