One Reply to “Was the Captain’s armband the final parting gift?”

  1. Or was that 6? Eckh!eckh!ecke! Oh! you silly primate!

    Sorry, yes shock news. He will make a great manager if he can beat Arsene’s record. Perhaps that might influence matters, and follow Dennis B into management. Surprise move back to Holland … Win the Dutch leage. Lead them into the CL …. Win the trophy … Take over as manager. Anything is possible while laying on a beach on a paradise island?
    The hard reality is, any move will not necessarily make the team’s number one. He wasn’t in the recent Euro’s, and look what that got … No trophies that’s for sure.
    Yes he may get financial security, but that might be all. Meanwhile, Arsenal can move on and prove to be bigger than any one player.
    Decision made, no going back. Let’s move on.

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