Was it worth it? I hope so. Arsenal V Bayern Munich.

We sacrificed the FA Cup for tonight. I hope it was worth it. We face a rampant Bayern side in full pomp. Are we the underdogs? Probably yes. Is that a good place to be? Absolutely. No good comes from being the favourite to win.

Arsène can call all of the big guns rested for tonights game into the squad, but what kind of Arsenal performance are we looking at? Will we sit back and try to pick them off? Or will we play to our strengths and go at them. Personally I’d rather lose 3:4 than 0:2. Players will be up for this game, its a game that can make and break reputations and our young guns will need to stay calm and play to their abilities and not be afraid to play.

I think the side will look something like this;

Vermaelen (c)

I believe Arsène will gamble tonight. I think he knows our strength is in the freedom of Jack and Santi and the dynamic front three. We will need to play without inhibitions tonight. It is almost a no lose game. Everyone expects us to capitulate and we have to be strong enough to believe in our own way. If we lose – well it was expected, if we nick a result then it’s only half the job done. Freedom of the mind is something we all dream of, yet tonight we can play with that freedom. Arsène knows that if we lose he will get more criticism, but realistic fans know we aren’t good enough to beat Bayern over two legs. I certainly wouldn’t put money on it.

Jack, Santi, Podolski and Walcott could win it for us. In those four we have some real dynamic, clever, power players who can change a game in an instant. Bayern have their own however and they have real quality to bring on. Bayern won’t come out and play at the Emirates. They don’t need to. They will be more than happy to take it back to the Allianz Arena and win it in front of their fans so we need to be determined, direct and fearless.

Nothing less than the best will do.


2 thoughts on “Was it worth it? I hope so. Arsenal V Bayern Munich.”

  1. Hi WG,

    Our best chance of a trophy vanished on saturday.
    I’m looking forward to tonight’s game but can not see us winning over two legs.
    As for Bayern not attacking us tonight, I can’t agree with that. This is a team who is unbeaten since October.
    Has won all six post winter break games without conceding a goal and who only had 17 shots on goal against them in the CL group stage.

    They know we have a glass chin for a defence and their aim will be to finish the contest at The Emirates.
    We struggle to keep a clean sheet against mid table prem teams and now weve got to realistically do that over 180 minutes of football. I don’t think that will happen.
    I think we will lose over the two legs but my main worry is by how many and what affect will it have on the team if we get a pasting!
    I will look forward to a pre-match curry and pint on the Holloway Road before watching a team who I’m sure will be aiming for their 3rd CL final in 4 years.
    I might even put a tenner on them to win it!

  2. No we didn’t sacrifice the match on saturday for tonight’s game. The side was experienced enough and should have won. The old problems of not scoring and not being solid enough in defence were the reason for the defeat, coupled with a great defensive performance from Blackburn.
    Tonight’s team will be as disorganised defensively and unless the forwards are more clinical it could easily end up with a similar result.

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