Was I dreaming? Chamakh 2, Walcott 3?

It has been the most surreal Capital One Cup night I have ever experienced. I struggle to remember a game with such emotional, such adrenaline and an incredible happy ending, save perhaps Tuesday 25th November 2003. Remember this?

Last night against Reading was billed to be a little different. The kids were out, but it was a side that I felt could definitely compete and get a result. I was asked before the game if I was excited about the game and I responded with this

9 thoughts on “Was I dreaming? Chamakh 2, Walcott 3?”

  1. I was with you right up until I saw your line-up against Man U. Would you really drop Wilshere for Chamakh? That said, am pleased for Marouane and think both him and Arshavin could be useful squad players for us this season

    1. Hi Matuso

      I was being a bit tongue in cheek I’m afraid, with the theme being am I dreaming I thought it might be funny 🙂

      My apologies if I didn’t make it very clear, thanks for commenting!


  2. WG, 🙂

    Loved the summary.

    I was gutted when I first saw Chamakh’s name on the team sheet.
    The first half confirmed that feeling, but then someone lit the blue touch paper and he took a shot at goal…………….and scored!!!

    What a game. It was dire and it was brilliant, it depressed me, and it exhilarated me. It had everything.

  3. Wiggy
    Top report of a top game.
    I loved “Giroud came on like his arse was on fire.”

    And I’m glad you picked up on Chamakh’s performance. He has been a very unlucky player and certainly does not deserve the amount of odium that is directed at him.

    If OG keeps the starting striker’s berth, it should at least mean that the Chamster gets on the bench and gets more game time.

    Sadly I can’t see Theo extending his contract. It’s all pointing to another summer departure. The “fans” who have given him a hard time at the Ems over the last couple of years deserve their share of the blame if (when) he goes.

    Let’s hope the whole club gets a lift from that fight back, and we get all three points against the Mancs.

    And let’s hope for multiple sendings off and injuries in tonight’s Manc-Chav game.

  4. Can’t disagree with your team selection, Rocky, altho’ I suspect it will be Man One in goal as Chezzer is still unfit, I am led to believe!

  5. Didn’t know that about Szcz Redders. Oh well, Man One has been OK.

    Unfortunately I doubt whether AW will give Theo a starting berth. I don’t know what’s going on with the way he’s being used this year, but I wouldn’t be at all surprised if he’s on the bench.

  6. Wiggy
    In case you haven’t seen it, Redders has done an excellent article on the Bergkampesque site today about the club’s finances and how they relate to transfer business.

  7. Hi Guys, thank you for your awesome comments 🙂

    I will take a look at that article tonight 🙂 RA always writes good stuff. I like your lineup, I can’t see Arsene leaving Theo out, he had a great game yesterday.

    I hope Chamakh uses the experience to rise like a phoenix. He seems like a nice guy.


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