Tony Pulis in the Nude, in the Nude! Verminator Setback?

Shameless theft of Blog title from Alan Davies and The Tuesday Club gang who I’m delighted to have back on the Podcasts.

We’ve got the naked, angry man that is Tony “Rugby” Pulis and his band of cloggers tomorrow night in a important game at the Emirates. We’ll need our full squad back and with focus to ensure the correct result. We need to make sure we move the ball quickly and beat them with pace and posession, we cannot get caught in a slugging match. It will take too much energy and could risk a good result. A great performance however will build the confidence further (if thats possible) for the weekends Cup Final.

For the likes of Walcott, Nasri, Cesc, Wilshire, Song and RvP its a chance to hop back into the groove and hone their match fitness. I will put up a full preview later today or tomorrow, but I’m looking forward to tomorrow night’s fixture. After that ridiculous challenge by Shawcross and Pulis’s belligerent outbursts I really hope we give them a Barca-like performance where we deny them the ball and attack them with pace and verve.

There are rumours about that Vermaelen has had a little setback in his recovery from his achilles operation, these are yet unconfirmed and appear to be a bit of media manipulation but either way, we need him back as soon as he is able. Djourou and Koscielny are performing like kings, but an injury to either of them could really cause us problems.


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