The Santi Effect–Arsenal v Sunderland review

Welcome board ladies and gentlemen. It is great to be back after a brief summer hiatus. Those that know me well know that I have been champing at the bit to get back, but I wanted to talk about football not transfers.



I have no real desire to discuss our departures. Regardless of the reasons for their departures, they are gone and no longer our concern

5 thoughts on “The Santi Effect–Arsenal v Sunderland review”

  1. Wilshere is a defence mid or a box to box dead centre he’s not attacking or at least at his best playing there i mean he played CDM against Barca when we beat them and he was class so i hope to see little jack fill the void left by song alongside arteta while santi pulls the creative strings. (think we found Fabregas V2)

    1. Are you bonkers? Wilshire is not a defensive midfielder, he neither has the stature or the defensive discipline to play that role. He is a box to box, attacking midfielder. Ask Arsene himself and he will say the same. I love Wilshire and I can’t wait to see him back in action but he will never, ever be a defensive midfielder like Frimpong or Coquelin.


  2. good read mate…. cazorla looks like a seriously good player and podolski and giroud will be good once they settle in but i think the papers on sunday morning just went over the top on the whole thing. if sunderland travel to all the big teams this year with that mindset then a point earned is a good point. last year arsenal would have lost that game for sure.

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