OK, so they weren’t lazy. It was a play on words and a poor effort at that. My sincerest apologies to anyone offended. Still….5:1 isn’t anything to sniff at so perhaps I can be forgiven for a little over-exuberance following the result. Bi-Polar Arsenal strikes again and I can’t help but smile today. 5:1 is a cracking result and we can be delighted with it.


Last night three players that have divided the Arsenal fanbase both clicked and put in amazing performances. Firstly, Ramsey who was picked in the side for the rested Diaby. Ramsey did well when he came on at the weekend and in the previous fixture too. He can be guilty of the odd Hollywood pass, but his vision is sound although his execution of it can sometimes be found wanting. Last night however it all worked for him. Sitting deeper allowed him to win balls and hit lovely through balls to a scampering Jack, Poldi and Giroud. We saw a small cameo of Arsenal for years to come there. Rambo and Jack have a chemistry on the pitch, it was clear to see that with them both in the middle we will create a lot of chances. We need a defensive midfielder with them, but it worked well.

Secondly Prince Poldi, a player with fantastic ability and he can be a real game changer. His strike to equalise was stunning. The whole game he terrorised West Ham with his direct running and his assists were of the highest quality. His form can be bi-polar but on form like that he looks like a World Champion and worth every penny. I really like him. I think he gives us a bit of steel, a bit of never give up attitude when he is “switched on”. Unfortunately sometimes it seems like he is “switched off” but that could be down to acclimatising to a new league with new physical demands. I think there is enough in his performances to suggest that he deserves to be there and deserves to be one of our top players for years to come.

Thirdly Olly Giroud, the man who made a transfer to Arsenal on the back of a season of great headers, fantastic work-rate, brilliant tap-ins and results in the big games. He never hides, he never gives up and he does score goals. Both of his goals yesterday were top-top finishes. I like the fact that when it isn’t going in the net for him his head never goes down and he gives everything for the team, which is so critical in our system. I’ve never held back from saying I think he is a good player and he can chalk down last night as another marker of his understated quality. He’s no Thierry Henry, he’s not a speed merchant with a mercurial class and a touch of swagger about him but he is undoubtedly a decent player who can do very well for us.

Final note for Walcott who performed admirably on the right of the front three, excellently taken goal and he was denied by a goal-line clearance too. He can really help ignite Arsenal this season and he is certainly doing his best to replace the goals we are missing.

What a difference a game makes, I think we’re all bouncing today.We cannot ignore the holes in the squad though and I hope Arsene can crack on and get on with signing some players. He called the post match short to “work on transfers” and it would be so easy to suggest that considering Diame was in the ground and so was West Ham. He could fit in well as I have already said, but speculation is rife and never let it be said that I spend far too much time looking at it. I prefer the sound of my own guff, not someone else’s.

So its on swiftly to the weekend and a very important game against Brighton at 3pm on Saturday. It’s the FA cup and we need to be professional, approach the game like we did last night and all will be well I think. We cannot take complacency onto the pitch because we will get beaten by Brighton. They are a good side and already have a scalp in this competition, lets not give them another one.

Final note, it shows the considerable lack of class that again unsurprisingly Chelski refused to apologise for the Hazard incident. There was blame on both sides but Hazard is firstly an adult and secondly a millionaire footballer who should know better.  He said on Chelski TV – “The boy put his whole body on to the ball and I was just trying to kick the ball. I think I kicked the ball and not the boy. I apologise.”. That’s not an apology son. First you have to identify that you did wrong.