That gorgeous, tantalising self-destruct button

Supporting Arsenal is exhausting isn’t it? I’m sure I’m not the only fan that feels like it’s so Arsenal to concede two goals from a clear winning position like that.

Two nil at half time. What more could we ask for. We never looked in control but overall it’s the score that matters, not necessarily the performance. In the end neither offered any satisfaction.

It’s like we can’t help shooting ourselves in the foot. Sokratis has thrown himself on the sword and admitted fault, but it’s not entirely down to him.

The playing out from the back thing.. we tried it at the start of last season and it didn’t really work. This season, we’re even more wedded to it and cannot stop it, even when we’re clearly under pressure.

Before we conceded the first goal, it was clear that Watford intended to press us high up the pitch and put our goal kicks under pressure. Simple solution, kick it long and take three of their players out of the game.

Chip it out to the wing, do something. Don’t put it on a plate for them to press players who have shown a clear difficulty in passing out under pressure in the past.

It was a mistake waiting to happen, that self-destruct button was just waiting for us to press it.

It’s so Arsenal to press it twice.


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