As our players return from international duty, the treatment room is again going to be busy as Bendtner and Van Persie both picked up knocks for their respective nations. Bendtner has played in both international fixtures, so this suggests its something he’s been able to work off, required minimal treatment or, like his groin injury, ignored until it gets a lot worse and we suffer.

Robin took a knock in the first half and spent the last 10 minutes of the half limping about the pitch. In these situations my mind thinks that the manager should have taken him off, having a responsibility to the player and to his own team.

That said however, of all the players who went off for international duties – it seems Robin is the only one returning injured and that can only be a good thing for what its worth, we’ve still lost a critical player (whose body is made of cheese!).

Jack looked good didn’t he? Whilst I hate it when we lose players as a result of International football, it does help them develop and he looked fearless in the England midfield. The much hyped meeting of Jack v Rambo ended up being a damp squib and not unexpectedly so, with Rambo still chasing match fitness and form following his injury.

Nasri was captain yesterday for France and played extremely well, influencing the game all the while he was on the pitch, is his form returning also?

For me, its all about this weekend.