I mean really, could you just imagine if them idiots from down the road won the league? Well done to Leicester City. A fairytale it isn’t but it makes great copy and they deserved to win it, even though they didn’t do it in a way that necessarily makes me think of them as a great side. They’ve mastered the dark arts though and that in itself deserves some credit. They have taken the game and wrung the life out of it and smashed this league. They won’t do it next season, but for now, enjoy it.


It’s back on now, we’re within three points of the Spuds and plenty of opportunity to get them…. well….two opportunities, but got to be optimistic.  It would upset me if they finished above us albeit I can hardly excuse the fact that we have let it happen. Arsenal are always the architects of their own downfall and we can point to numerous occasions this season where we have thrown away points.

Simply put, we are have just not been good enough at times this season, being frank, we haven’t been good enough at all this season.

I don’t want to go into it, frankly there is enough bile out there that I cannot be bothered to dilute it with my own thoughts on the matter. The one overriding thought that I have is that despite how frustrating this season has been, I will not and have not allowed it to affect how I feel about Arsenal or Arsene Wenger.

I think there have been some mistakes this season from Arsene who has lost his way a bit. I don’t think his methods are necessarily antiquated, but if you compare him to Sir Alex Ferguson, the gum-chewing red faced bastard that he is, then the only real differences is that Ferguson continually re-invented and re-invigorated his backroom staff by employing talented no 2’s that would challenge him and the team and improve it.

Arsene’s tendency to avoid confrontation and to prefer a serene environment for his art flys directly in the face of this method and Arsene wouldn’t ever accept anyone else meddling in his team. It can be seen in many interviews when he is under pressure and he feels the scrutiny of the fanbase, he often calls upon his years of experience and suggests that he has been at the top of the game for long enough to know what he’s doing.

It’s long been mooted that if you are standing still, in effect you are moving backwards as your competition improves. Nothing is truer in Football and I do feel our lack of ambition in our back-room staff is a big problem. That said however, I do believe that Arsene is certainly capable of managing a team to the title, his experience and past results prove it. I just think he needs a little help. Many thought Steve Bould could add that defensive nous that we so badly need, but if you look at his results in the Under-21s its clear to see that he doesn’t coach like that – or the direction from the top (Arsene again) is such that he isn’t permitted to do so.

I feel like our biggest fault is a lack of belief and mental strength when it counts. Too often we capitulate and conspire to concede goals when we really shouldn’t. It’s frustrating and I don’t believe it’s the personnel that’s the problem but the ethos.

Perhaps it is time for Arsene to go, but I won’t welcome it. I don’t fear change, but I am going to miss him. I respect him hugely and will always appreciate what he has done for this club.

Arsene, I hope you have a great season next year and bow out on a high. You deserve that much.