Well it seems like an appropriate time to end my summer hiatus. I feel refreshed and ready to discuss all things Arsenal whilst swerving any transfer guff with the determination of my new Puppy and his never ending enthusiasm to get up on the bed in the morning.

So where is Arsenal 2013-14?

Well, it seems we have a new focussed Arsenal back room – we have got rid of the obvious dead-wood where possible and we have stripped the cupboard bare of the non-essential items. We are on a diet of huge talent and experience and anything that seems overly-calorific or just plain crap has been sent away to be big rubbish bin of European football.


We are now a lean, mean, footballing machine and pre-season went beyond expectations with confident performances and the continuing emergence of Ramsey in the Arsenal midfield. His confidence and ability is finally beginning to match up with excellent performances and it is about time he is getting the credit he richly deserves.

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