Tabloid rumour rehash! Its like a blanket party and you’re all invited!!

..So bring you own cheese, I fancy Fondou..

So, tabloids eh? Heh, marvelous little beasts..I mantain my IWBIWISI (I will believe it when I see it) system has so far been successful in protecting me from unnecessary hopes and dreams when it comes to players coming in and going out of Arsenal.

However, fresh from the rumour mill of lies, mistruths and downright bull comes this startling fact..Joe Cole has signed for Liverpool on a 4yr deal. I’m totally not surprised, his age and apparently astronomical wage demands did little to make me believe that he would be pulling on our shirt this season although I did give reasons here why it could happen, but wouldn’t.

It seems Dudu is off, though yet to be confirmed. If this is true, then I’ll be sad to see him go. Pre the leg break he was awesome, I know he can get back to his best if he can play enough games but Arsenal’s formation has changed and he doesn’t fit anymore. He couldn’t be the lone frontman if you gave him a microphone and a cheeky northern swagger…he’s just not strong and he’s not really a fighter. He is an amazing finisher and will be a great asset to Shakhtar if he goes. I wish him all the best, he gave everything for Arsenal, almost his career and that demands respect. He never complained, he just got on with it.

Despite the continuing reports of Phil “Jags” Jagielka, I just still can’t see it happening. Everton will want far too much money for their prized defender. If I was Moyes and Bill Kenwright I’d want a minimum of 20mil for him and use Lescott as the benchmark. “If you have to take him you will pay our price”.

So thats not the way we do business is it?

Keep ’em peeled Gooners..I’m sure there will be more gems from the tabs..


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