Today we welcome the unwashed masses from Stoke in another attempt to start a run of of games that would see us scamper up the league like a ferret up Giroud’s gaping trouser pouch.


I think it likely that Santos will start, but should Arsene throw Nacho in at the Neanderthal end, then there won’t be a better introduction to the more rudimentary nature of English football. Being fair to Stoke, they can actually play some decent stuff – even if their toad-like manager would prefer anti-football.

I am excited to see what Nacho can do. He offers the promise of Dee defensive bounce and can stabilise a back line that offers much on paper but fails to deliver on the pitch.

Individually at the back we have strong talent but we don’t have a unit. It is fair to say the back line moves better as a four, but positionally they are often found wanting and I don’t think Nacho can fix that. That needs to come from the training ground.

On the positive front, our front three of Walcott, Giroud and Poldolski have never been in finer fettle. They offer goals+a-plenty and it’s exciting to see. Wilshire and Cazorla’s burgeoning relationship is getting better and better and I cannot wait to watch them again today.

I am hoping for a good, rabble-rousing win today for us Gooner’s so come on! let’s ‘ave ’em.