8 thoughts on “Smash ‘n Grab at the Wolves Den–Get together and Fight for Alan Davies”

  1. Hi WG,

    Another strong and thought provoking Post.

    I always feel uneasy with these ‘easy’ games because for whatever reason we have occasionally come unstuck with such games.

    After all our efforts last week end it would drive me crackers if we blew this chance to put some distance between ourselves and the rabble behind us.

    No been doing too much blogging lately WG as health matters have been diverting my attention, but this is a great blog and I always try to read your excellent Posts.

    1. Hi RA,

      I hope your health improves significantly soon, the Arsenal blogging community is weaker in the absense of your logic and I miss you :).

      I totally agree that this is a must-win game. This and Wigan could really put distance between us and Spurs. I’ll be furious if we don’t take 6 points.


  2. Couldn’t agree more about Alan Davies, Wiggy.
    Also, his comments were made in a podcast only available on download and, presumably, only downloaded by Arsenal fans for the most part. You have to go out of your way to hear it – it’s not like he made the comments over the public airwaves.
    This has all the makings of a fake row brewed up by the press. Someone forwards the comments to them, they run off to some Liverpool fans who take the bait hook, line and sinker and, lo and behold, we have a “media storm”.

  3. Wiggy,
    With our early kick-off against the Chavs, we could actually be 11 points ahead of the Spuds before they play their next league game 🙂
    (Obviously that’s based on us winning against Wolves, Wigan and Chavski which, as QPR showed, is fare from a foregone conclusion).

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