Shock update, following Hill-Woods previous statements…Wenger confirms he’s interested….

I’ve seen some smoke screens in my time, as a general rule I am subjected to them by certain parties. 1) Politicians 2) Arsene Wenger.

I’ve learned over the years, its rare for Arsene Wenger to go public on players unless a) He is interested in diverting attention from his real targets or b) Its in the bag/close to the bag and wants to seal the top with the player in it.

The Joe Cole situation is one that I am slowly thinking falls into the a) category. Everyone seems so certain he is coming to Arsenal that now I’m being put off the idea. I think its a smokescreen and as above, Wenger has more previous than Gary Glitter..(forgive the paedo reference).

So to reiterate what I’ve been saying on here. I’ll believe it when I see it. Joe Cole strutting round the Emirates in an Arsenal shirt….maybe he’ll grab number 10 off Gallas if Arshavin doesn’t try to swap?

*shrugs*…speculation is delicious, if not entirely without fact until proven.

Til next time Gooners


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