Alexandre Lacazette came with big expectations. We have all seen his scoring record for Lyon in France’s Ligue 1. He is deadly, yet he’s failed to hit the same dizzy heights with Arsenal. Why is that? More importantly, what can we do to help?

Alexandre Lacazette of Arsenal (picture courtesy of Wikipedia)

Lacazette is very much playing the Giroud role at Arsenal, being the foil that everything revolves around. We seem to send the ball into him and expect him to be the pivot that the rest of the attack, mainly Alexis and Rambo, can benefit from whilst breaking forwards at pace. He is managing to cope with this expectation, but he could do much more and his scoring record so far this season is impressive given that he is living off scraps. He is making the early runs but just isn’t getting the ball.

Why did we sign him if we aren’t going to play to his strengths? He’s not Giroud. He’s faster, more mobile and makes great runs. We need to capitalise on that.

Our pursuit of Vardy was an outlier in Wengers transfer strategy, Vardy is a seasoned, proven premier division striker, his age (29) at the time went against Arsene’s belief in representative value for money. This is what makes the Alex Lacazette transfer make sense.

Vardy and Lacazette are very similar. They make very similar runs, albeit Vardy is a bit quicker (just), their games are very similar. They are both great finishers, with an eye for goal that is in short supply in the Premier League. They both are able to carve out chances for themselves and others, Jamie Vardy with 9 goals from 21 games and 1 assist and Laca with 8 goals from 22 starts and 3 assists.

We all know what makes Vardy tick, its Riyad Mahrez. The wily Algerian with 7 goals and 8 assists in 22 games for Leicester is a smart return for a side that was struggling at the start of the season. The arrival of Claude Puel at Leicester has reinvigorated Mahrez, which in turn has reinvigorated Vardy.

Mahrez could easily slot into either wing and could replace Alexis. The age profile is right, at 26 years of age he has time to grow further and I believe we could get him for cheaper than the purported figures we were looking at throwing at Lemar.

Will we go for him? God I hope so. Our attack is looking woefully short of ideas at times. Lacazette deserves a decent supply line and we need to hit him early, both Ozil and Mahrez could do that. We just need to keep Ozil, but that’s another task altogether.

P.S. It’s great to be back.