Aaron James Ramsey, born december 1990 has often shown himself to be a real talent, but never has a player polarised the Arsenal faithful with such vigour. His ability has often been questioned in recent months with some suggesting he just isn’t good enough, whereas others are begging for him to be given time to prove himself following the horrific leg-break suffered at the hands of the “just doesn’t have it in him” Ryan Shawcross.


Arsène has said many times that a player really starts to come into his own at 23, so you could be easily forgiven in thinking that Ramsey should really be on his way to fulfilling his potential had it not been for the 18 months he missed due to the aforementioned assault incident.

Not to be denied his potential, Ramsey has dug in and despite the criticism has been showing in the recent fixtures since the turn of the year why Arsène was right to stick by him. His performance against Sunderland had everything, he tackled, created and even filled in at right-back and did it all with a calm that previously had been missing. The lad had clearly been trying too hard and you cannot fault him for that. It must have been killing him to watch players surpass him in the squad whist his progress that was so very obvious pre-injury stalled and he struggled to have the same impact in games, often trying the Hollywood pass when a simpler, more effective option presented itself.

Fortunately, Ramsey is no shrinking violet and has began to win back support with grit, hard work and determination. Groans from the stands have turned to cheers once again and all credit to him for not allowing himself to drift away and credit to Arsenal for sticking by him.

Ramsey and Walcott have both had seasons that have changed fans opinions, who could be next? With the fantastic boost that Wilshire has given this squad it is the little things that start to click along with it that start to make a great side. Do not forget the fact that the core of our side is now signed up for the next 5 years. Arsène tried to do this before and build a side around Fabregas with players that he brought to Arsenal and tried to make them love it as he does. Few of those players stood up to that challenge and money talked and that side got broken up.

Arsène is not to be turned away so easily however and he is trying it again, building it around the absolute talent that is Jack Wilshire and he’s doing it the right way – with players that love Arsenal before they committed. Gibbs, Jenkinson, Ramsey, Walcott and Wilshire – all players that love Arsenal and love playing for us.  They’re not all the finished article and I am delighted that they can grow with us. Arsenal are beginning to click, the teams at the top are within reach perhaps with the exception of ManYoo who it seems are romping away with the title, in a year when no team has played to its potential.

It’s been an odd season so far, but we are seeing strong signs that this Arsenal side isn’t done yet. There is a strong belief in the squad and a strong work-ethic to make sure that we get on a run. We have to focus now and not let any distractions from the Champions League derail our season. Blackburn first then we will face Bayern Munich. Bayern is no cake-walk and it will take some luck to beat them at the moment – but I wouldn’t shy away from suggesting that Arsenal are capable of nicking a result.

Come on you Gooners, North London is Arsenal.