Ramsey, Wilshire, super Fab and Chesney Hawkes..

Prepare yourself, cheerful followup to last nights post.

Beginning now.

There is a lot to be excited about this summer. England have a genuine chance this year…i expect them to get to the semi’s. From there they have the opportunity to become legends.

With regards to Arsenal this summer, I really think Wenger is disappointed with the performance of certain players and he’s become very frustrated with injuries crippling his squad. Just as we have.

I guess the problem is that Wenger is an economist, he won’t waste money on players he doesn’t intend to have in his first 18 and therein lies the problem, when you get 8 first teamers out you are down to 10 first team players and kids. Last season we suffered terribly again.

I think he’ll replace what he loses this summer and he’ll try again. I just cant see him over-investing in his squad as he thinks having squad players just in case stifles the youngsters coming through. I think if you are good enough then you’ll progress into the first team, regardless of how many bodies there are in the squad.

As mentioned before on this blog. The new squad rules will be guiding his decision on this one. I honestly think it will be replace what you’ve lost with experience and then rely on the kiddles for the cups. Promisingly however, our kids are getting quite good. Ramsey, given a complete recovery will be a great asset next season. Wilshire I’d like to see have another 6 months away on loan.

I’d like to see Djourou next season…he’s been a bit of a stranger and I think he’s a good player and could be strong for us next season. He’s fast, got a good header on him and he’s strong. Body suspiciously made of cheese however. He has been unfortunate and there are lots of players that have problems due to playing so much football while their bodies are developing and growing.

This could be his season, as with the last so I think Wenger will give him a shot…so interesting times at the back.

Wonder if we’ll still have the Morris Dancer and Wookie as our first team choices…with them I think we’re gonna have problems. I like Fabianski

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