Pre-season is such a tease!

I endure a love/hate relationship with pre-season. When I was playing, it would be hard work followed by tough games against better opposition to sharpen us up for the start of the season.

Arsene does it differently, as do most top managers. Even the much-celebrated Emirates Cup is little more than a training match which boosts revenue and showcases this seasons new talent. This raises up expectations and hopes as you see players like Wilshire that practically won the cup by himself last year.

It raises belief and arrogance and sometimes I think the players believe their own press a bit. You can see it in their faces, they expect to walk some games and it cannot ever be like that. You have to be hungry, you have to want it.

I guess we’ll see in 5 games whether we have a shot at silverware this season. I still think we need a big mean ball winner although I do think song has the component parts for it should he become more focused. By way of an explanation, I think Song’s a bit easy going, with a bit more focus and intensity he could be a stunning player.

I want Arsenal to be back on top where we belong, we have some of the best support in the world. Let’s have the best team.


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