It’s not rocket science, the best players want to play in the Champions League, so don’t expect big signings until that is secured. I expect Flamini to sign on before Sept 2nd. Arsene loves a freebie and he is proven, we know what we will get and he will be a good backup to Rambo/Arteta. He isn’t a glamorous signing so Arsenal can’t announce it until we sign someone big otherwise the fan fallout will be immense. We have money to spend so spend it.


To that end, there are positive noises leaking out of the club. Arsene has said that he intends to take a full-force side to the game against Fenerbache and there is no clearer intent of ensuring progression into the Champions League Group Stages than that. We are carrying a good lead into the tie, but we will need to take it seriously to progress.

Progression ensures that we will be taken seriously by the top targets.

It also makes sure that we have achieved the minimum expectation at this point of the season.

Qualification looks good, but it is far from assured so I hope we do take to the field with a very strong side and then sub off players at half-time.

What is encouraging is the positive noises coming out of the Club. The likes of Corporal Jenks, Rambo and Giroud all making encouraging noises about the squad mentality, about needing new signings and of course about their own performance this season. Giroud has started well with 3 Goals in 3 games, Rambo is collecting Man of the Match awards and Jenkinson admirably stepping in when required for Sagna whose versatility has seen him at right-back, left-back and centre-back.

On the subject of Sagna, isn’t it about time we tied him down to a decent contract? Or just tie him down until he signs one? Just a thought, I’m no top-level negotiator, I’ll leave that to Dick Law, a man whose name couldn’t possibly be more apt right now. I hope we can press on with that and really pull our fingers out, get the deals agreed and sign the contracts with the big players when the qualification is guaranteed.

I’m waffling, but that’s OK, it’s my blog.

I expect us to line up something like this tomorrow night – depending on how Arsene wields the axe, despite his protestations to the opposite.


I don’t mind Arsene keeping Jack wrapped up and given the scoreline heading into the result I could be quite happy if Cazorla, Giroud and Walcott are rested at half-time for Wilshire, Sanogo and Zelalem/Frimpong.

My last 2 pence worth on Arsenal and signings, Sanogo didn’t look ready for the first team when he came on against Fulham, I know it’s a difficult league and it’s a difficult place to have a debut sub appearance, but he just looked off of the pace. I might be being harsh, he’s got pedigree so I’m not writing him off, we just need a more proven addition in that area to give adequate cover.