Mark Schwarzer is being touted as a player-coach prospect. That would be a first, I’m sure Arsene would prefer his players to be focussed on playing and performing, not training up his players.

I think we are really looking at someone a bit more left field, the oft-mentioned Stekelenberg from Ajax would be a good signing, but his age presents a problem, at 25 he is clearly blocking Fabianski’s route to the #1 jersey, so its a question of who Wenger wants more.

Personally, I think there would be more weight to the Schwarzer-deal who will hopefully play well for a season or two til our other players are ready. However, this isn’t a tactic that has worked in the past. Lehmann leaving left a Almunia and Fabianski and neither of them has stepped up to the plate with little significant impact other than to make the odd glaring cock-up.

I would love to Arsenal to sign a goalie who would garner a bit of excitement. Lehmann I was actually excited about as I’d seen him play for Dortmund and rated him. Almunia does not excite me. Fabianski I like but his composure lets him down, a lot. I feel his mentality is like Senderos, he cares too much. Mannone hasn’t really had much of a crack at it, but perhaps he will get a shot at the Carling Cup, unless Chesney stays with us this season, if he does I expect him to play.

I mentioned the other week about heroes, I’m excited to see what happens between now and September 1st.

Blog at you soon..


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