Peter Hill Wood – The man, the myth, the LEGEND!

Peter Hill Wood

I have to say…I truly love this man, he’s hilarious.

There is no-one that can insert a size 11 into their gob with such alarming regularity and precision. Something he never gets enough credit for i think!

From the foot of Hill Wood, via his pillow talk partner appears to be the sad news that we’re not after Joe Cole.

Firstly, if we were in for him I wouldn’t expect Gazidis and Wenger to tell him. His capacity for opening and engaging gob without thought as mentioned above has caused plenty of problems in the past. Kroenke anyone?

Secondly, its Wenger and Gazidis who work on the transfers and contracts. Nuff said.

…needless to say, as its already been mentioned on the transfer linked section, I just don’t think this will happen.

Further thoughts to come later as i need to go do some work.

Have a good day Gooners!


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