One from the drafts 5th Jan 2018: Who’s leaving? Arsene want’s them all to stay..except that one…

Discovered this the other day… interesting reading…. WG

We all know Arsene can be stubborn, he’s media-savvy and uses spin like a cloak of invisibility to protect the club from criticism. People have been listening to it for too long though, they’re now tuned in to his politician-esque swagger and can see right through it.
We saw it in the summer. “Alexis is an Arsenal player and will be until the end of the season” which changed in the last 48 hours of the transfer window.


Alex Hleb, when asked about his transfer from Arsenal to Barcelona the Belarussian told Planet Football: “It’s still difficult for me to explain why I left Arsenal.


“When Arsene said that it was a matter of hours(ed: before the transfer completed), I felt devastated. It was really hard for me to accept that. Wenger did everything to make me stay at Arsenal. He even texted me as I was fishing. ‘Alex, I won’t let you go, we need you here.’ I cried when I read it.”


All of which shows a belief that Arsene thinks he can somehow convince players to buy into Arsene himself and his vision.


Which comes back to the Alexis and Ozil situation. It explains why Arsene is always so bullish about the players. He still believes he can get them to sign up. Even I think its practically impossible to sign up either of them, why would they stay? There is no romance there, they came to Arsenal to work with Wenger and get very well paid. They didn’t wake up with Arsenal wallpaper.


Arsene, its time to give up pal.


I think he gave up on Alexis in the summer, then because the deals didn’t get done, Alexis came back. Because Alexis was professional, didn’t kick up a fuss but got his head down, it gave Arsene belief that he could make him stay. He’s fooled himself into believing the professionalism is a desire to stay. Ozil is playing the media darling and saying all the right things to keep his value at the maximum, Alexis is keeping his own council but it looks to me like his mind is clearly determined to go elsewhere.



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