Considering this is Arsenal’s worst start to a league season since 1982-83 when they had only 14 points after 11 games. Are we going to see a repeat of the 5-2 win from February 2012? I can imagine a similar amount of goals scored, but I expect the difference between the sides to be much closer.

Opinion is rife as to what the problems are with this Arsenal side. It is obvious at times and subtle at others. Injuries to critical players have cost Arsenal again and again and this season appears to be no different. Jack is back, but will it be enough to mask the defensive frailty of late? I suspect not. With Sczcesny fit I expect the defence to play better because they trust him. If Gibbs is fit then I expect a more balanced attack and defence down the left and again that will leave us less exposed. These things will make a massive difference to this Arsenal side bereft of confidence. All of a sudden that mis-timed pass will find its intended recipient, things will start to click and the Arsenal we know and love will be switched back on. It sounds crazy, but football can be that simple. Get the ingredients right and its a good dish, get them wrong and you