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  1. Hi WG, 🙂

    A first class report.

    I think the blog nonsense about Mert is just that……..nonsense. I suspect that what lies behind these rumours is an effort to square the circle.

    Many blogs have convinced themselves that we are close to signing Vertongen, but to make that rumour run, they need to explain where he will fit, given we have those two wonderful incumbent CB’s in Kozzer and TV, as well as Mert when he is fit, and not forgetting Djourou, (just signed a new contract), Miquel and Bartley.

    Like you, I do not think tonight’s game is a foregone conclusion. Wigan have nothing to lose, as you say, and under Martinez I think they have played some very nice football.

    Let’s not forget, as well as beating Manure, Wigan were very unlucky not to beat Chelsea, and only lost because the Chavs were awarded two blatantly off-side goals.

    Hopefully we will light the after-burners and get the 3 points, only then will I breathe a sigh of relief! 🙂

    1. Hi RA,

      Thanks for your support 🙂

      Totally agree with you, Wigan were robbed against Chelski and well-deserved their points against the Dippers and the Mancs. It will be a tough game indeed.


  2. Wigan, tip-top stuff. I guess the flipside of your point about WAFC’s three-man defence is that they’ll have plenty to use against us up front. With such mobile attacking players as Moses (great player) and perhaps Rodallega, that could be a serious issue, and our defensive players will need to concentrate.

    Hello RA!

  3. Kaba Diawara was sold after 1 season and Wenger has already said that Mertesacker was not his type of signing. I also don’t think he’ll just be dumped but I do believe there is truth in the Vertonghen rumours, therefore I think one defender could go, but who, I wouldn’t have a clue.

  4. Nice one WG! Per is a fine player and he’ll be back next season.

    Really liked reading your analysis of Wigan’s formation and style of play. Good stuff. 🙂

    1. Hi,

      Bearing in mind that I only moved to Wigan 4 years ago, I think I am fully entitled to be a Gooner, given that I used to live reasonably close to London. All my family are Gooners.

      Therefore, I reserve the right to retain my status as a Gooner and will continue to do so all of my life.

      P.S. Thanks for the support 🙂

  5. Hi WG, I guess your home town must be buzzing now after that performance. I still cannot believe we let them score twice in the first ten minutes, but after that Wigan fought for every square meter and their positioning was spot-on tonight. We were clueless and just unable to dominate the area in front of the D. Saturday we get a chance to make amends; let’s bloody hope we’ll beat the Chavs!

    Take it easy WG – best to call in sick for work tomorrow haha!

    1. Hi TA,

      I’m certainly going to keep a low profile over the next few days, especially after all of the crap I gave to Mancs and Dippers over their results against the Pie-Eaters.

      I didn’t doubt that we would get an equaliser, I totally believed, I felt we absolutely dominated and it took some very decent defending to keep us out. A bit of kidology yesterday from Martinez about them not getting the decisions must have had an impact as I feel Theo might have been due a free-kick when clean through and it was ignored by the ref.

      I thought the wind went of our sails after Arteta went off but even then I thought we could nick a positive result. Good thing I didn’t put money on it.

      Bring on the Chavs!!


  6. Well Wiggy, you warned that we needed to take them seriously.

    When it came down to it we didn’t have enough guile to break down their excellent massed defending.

    Fair play to Wigan: they did what they needed to do and fully deserved the three points. I hope they stay up.

    Totally agree about the BFG. Although it’s hard to fault TV or JD directly for either of Wigan’s goals, I somehow feel that if the BFG had been playing those goals would not have happened.

    Funnily enough, our defensive weak link tonight was not JD (as many would have predicted). It was Sagna, who had a torrid night.

    Sign Victor Moses? I wouldn’t mind.

    1. Hi Rocky,

      Two odd goals for us to concede really. The first goal was a perfect example of us trying to force the game. We forgot that it was only the 7th minute and we didnt need to commit 8 players in the opposition half. Especially against a team like Wigan who have been very efficient when counter-attacking and we should have been more sensible.

      The second goal I’d like to see from a different angle, but it looked like Sczcesny got two hands to it? It was unfortunate, I felt we could have done more to stop the ball coming in, but cest la vie.

      All we can do now is get a positive result against the Chavs and hope that the Spuds profligacy in the League. Let’s hope they haven’t been galvanised by our daft results.


  7. I agree it is nonsense mertsacker will not go this season he is a seasoned international and has not had a bad season considering it is his first season. I agree with some of the others here it has to do with the vertognen rumours. People forget if we were to sign him then most likely to depart are either djourou and squillaci or just squillaci. However, listening to wenger i doubt a defender is top of the shopping list though he would cover that left side where we have been blighted by injuries this season so might be considered on that basis. What people forget is the so called dodgy back four have kept 12 clean sheets this season in the premier league. The wigan game is disappointing but wenger should have pulled arteta off before the corner which led to wigans opener that he was not going to run that injury off but we can make ammends against chelsea on saturday afternoon. which would still give us an eight point lead over newc and spurs and ten point lead over chelsea yes they would have a game in hand or two in spurs and newc cases but they have tough games too.

    1. Hi Richard,

      Thanks for commenting. I think we’ll have a QPR-esque scenario. The players will bounce back against the Chavs and show us they really want it.

      I believe we will be assisted by the Chav’s fixture list congestion with them facing Barca both sides of our fixture. I’m hoping their old, tired legs won’t have enough in them and we can run riot.


  8. Hi WG,

    I thought the loss of Arteta was dealt with quite well – we had our best period after he went off. In my view, TR7 lasted only 60 minutes. He had done really well until then but the batteries seemed to be empty in the second half, and really needed an AM to come on and liven things up again (Diaby, Wilshere). I also felt our left wing play was ineffective and on the right we were simply outplayed on the night. Wigan deserved the three points and it is a painful loss. Bring on the Chavs and let’s give them a hiding! 🙂

  9. First, I’d like to congratulate Wigan on their outstanding defending yesterday. They kept van persie at bay. I don’t know what the argument at the end of match was about between him and one of the wigan players was but I felt he should have shaken the guys hand. In all fairness Wigan were wasting time but every team does it. And for them, it was important to get all three points. I’m dissapointed in the loss but we must maintain our focus in the next two tough games we have with chelsea and stoke. I hate when we play stoke especially because they are a physical team who love tackling our players. I can’t wait for Mertasacker to come back. He has experience, that is why he is good at the back. Majority of the rumors are false so don’t believe them until its official. We have 4 games left in the season. We need to win at least 3 of the 4 games remaining. Our defense was poor yesterday against Wigan, they exposed us in both sides of the wing. Santos went forward way too often and kept leaving a huge gap in the back. As for Sagna, it was unusual so see his below par performance, I’ll take as if he doesn’t like playing on Monday. But Arsenal need to leave that Monday rust behind and focus on the Chelsea game this weekend. As for Van Persie’s mini goal drought I’m not worried. I personally believe he doesn’t want to waist his energy for the EURO’S in the summer. He probably wants to be careful and stay fully fit as this is his first season at Arsenal that he didn’t get injured.

  10. A lot of sensible comments on here.

    One thing that struck me about our performance last night was how narrow we played.

    A lot of the time Theo was tucked in in midfield adding to the congestion rather than helping to stretch play.

    Benayoun did the same on the other side (perhaps more understandably, because he’s not an out-and-out wide man), but Santos also seemed to cut inside every time he had a chance to get forward.

    Even Oxo and Gerv got pulled in when they came on. Gerv managed to get a few wide runs in, but overall I felt we played into Wigan’s hands by helping to compress the play.

    We had already scored once from a header in the box, so trying to stay wide and throw in more crosses (which we did all game long against Wolves) would really have helped.

    1. Hi Rocky,

      I thought Gervinho was quite poor when he came on, his head was down too much and he didn’t pass when a better option was available. However, I think he is a bit low on confidence so he’s trying to play through it.

      I thought the Ox was superb when he came on, he tried to influence the game and although it didn’t happen for him, he did make some good runs and that can only bear fruit in the future.


  11. Mersacker is a real qualified centre back. Kosceilny is all the time struggling to be the job but is too dangly and indecisive and gives away too many fouls, certainly a good back up but never a reliable matchwinner. There are much better centre halfs knocking around awaiting their big chance in the English league (remeber Bould and Dixon) the trouble is Wenger wants players who take the ball out instead of players who keep the ball out!

    1. Hi,

      Thanks for commenting, I like Koscielny, he has been one of our most consistent defenders this season. I can’t recall a bad game right now. I think Mertesacker is a great defender too and I know he won’t be leaving, it just doesn’t make sense to me.

      Vertonghen is a decent defender, but would you drop Vermaelen, Koscielny, Mertesacker for him? I wouldn’t. I suspect he will take the squad spot of Squillaci who will be released in the summer.


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