Marouane Chamakh – form is temporary…

..Class is permanent. There has been much media commentary about his “Tiredness” and indeed the player himself has admitted that his early season exploits have dulled his edge and left him tired.

I really rate Chamakh, I think he’s a really good player and he will only get better with us. I hope the physio’s are working him really hard to get his stamina and conditioning up to scratch so he is ready for the forthcoming games.

Chamakh played an awful amount of games at the start of the season, what with us and games for Morocco he’s played a lot of football. The Premier League is played at a ferocious pace compared to the French leagues and its no surprise he’s feeling the strain, especially as his game is largely based on work-rate and movement.

As it stands, I’m yet to be convinced that Bendtner is a better player and whilst Chamakh is a bit off form at the moment, I am expecting a Arshavin-esque comeback. We will need him in the run in and it will be great for him to be part of that.

Come on Chamakh, play this weekend and remind us why you’re such an asset to Arsenal.


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