Let’s all line up behind the Invisible Man.

Sorry for the radio silence, but there’s been so much bitterness and bile flying around being attributed to Arsenal fans that I didn’t want to become part of the mire.

The crux of the problem with Arsenal right now is simple as far as I can see. We have no identity. We have no established style. We don’t have a formation. We are ineffective and we struggle to get our key players in areas where they can affect the game.

As the title suggests, it’s like asking the Arsenal faithful to line up behind the invisible Man. If you can’t see it, if noone is telling you what to look for or where to stand, then where do you stand?

Arsenal see us as noise. Is there any wonder when we’re all crying our for direction. We want to support The Arsenal, we just can’t see what we are supporting.

That’s what hurts the most.


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