18 thoughts on “Kieran Gibbs – Left back in the changing room? – Certainly not injury prone!”

  1. He’s crap. And the goal we conceded against Newcastle was his fault…. AGAIN. You know fuck all about football, so stop writing about it.

    1. Hi James,

      The goal we conceded as mentioned below by Nick was down to Vermaelen playing a very poor ball out. Gibbs was running forward to attack when we had possession, thats a good thing.


  2. The only person who knows fuck all about football is you James, you grade 1 pillock….

    Gibbs is so shit Capello deemmed him good enough for England and Wenger deems im good enough for Arsenal… Oh yeah it was Gibbs fault that we conceded against Newcastle, cos it was him that gave the ball away in our defensive third of the pitch? Oh hang on a minute, that was Vermaalen who gave the ball straight to Tiote, leaving us out numbered at the back… Infact Gibbs was shit at marking Ben Arfa, that Ben Arfa was subbed after 60 minutes, cos he couldn’t get in the game at all….

  3. Gibbs, a first class full back, forget it. Baines is a real attacking full back who puts defence first but can score goals!

  4. he is crap…I agree
    awful positioning and is just as bad as Djourou. Always injured, high wages. Better off without him

    1. @LandLover

      Always injured? You really haven’t learned the lessons have you? With your lack of foresight we’d have got rid of Rosicky and RvP years ago. He’s 22 years old for gods sake.

      He’s had a broken bone playing for us and some muscle injuries. It happens. He is too young to call him a crock.


  5. Excellent article WG.
    I’m sorry you have attracted an idiot like James. Perhaps he could be pointed in the direction of one of the less intelligent sites…

    I did have doubts about Gibbs’ abilities but in his recent outings he has really impressed me. As you rightly pointed out, he was NOT to blame for Newcastle’s goal. The culprit there was Vermaelen, but to bloggers who are unable to think for themselves, TV is one of those players who seems to escape criticism. He’s a great defender but, like all players, he makes mistakes.

    I had assumed that Santos would reclaim the LB slot when fit, but I’m not sure now.

    1. Hi Rocky,

      I do wonder whether Santos might have more immediate promise, however Gibbo really does have the potential to be a really great left-back. It certainly is good for us that we have quality strength in depth in the full-back positions.


        1. Unfortunately yes. I love watching live football so being up in Wigan it’s convenient for me to pop over and watch them (it’s 5 mins from my front door) but they are awful. Can’t defend, can’t score, totally awful side. the beer isn’t so awful though and the pies are decent 🙂


          1. I’ve got a soft spot for Wigan and their manager, but I can’t see them staying up this season.

            Have emailed you via the ‘contact’ link.

  6. I agree 100% with your blog, as I am often arguing his case myself.
    The point about him being caught ‘out of position’ is too simplistic. Arsenal are a much better side when we have a balance of outlets, both left and right sides. We play mostly down the right for the Sagna/ Walcott combination, but in order to draw defenders away from them you need the left outlet too. The difference between Gibbs and Sagna going forwards is that the latter has help behind him if he is upfield. Not only does Walcott get back, but you have Rosicky and Song tackling up the pitch, and Arteta deep lying … On the left? … well when Ramsey played wide left he came in field, Gervinho made one superb dash to prevent a cross, but cannot do it for 90 mins … We don’t have left footed midfielder(which may or may not explain why they give less cover on the left?) so any cover Gibbs gets always looks dodgy because it is usually down to TV to come out and deal with the threat?
    Down the line, I see Coquelin complimenting Gibbs on the left side, despite being right footed, he is quick, reads the game well, and can tackle. Then you will see the very best of Gibbs, as an attacking wing/full-back. Remember, it is a team game.

  7. I dont agree with you gerry!! I do agree that gibbs is a good player but he is still learning his trade and is caught out of position occassionally however i believe the arsenal system is designed so that cover can be given all over the pitch, often in games this season, arteta or song have filled in the left or right positions should walcott or gervinho be left up field! I agree that runners have 2 be tracked but when u have three in midfield you should be able to counteract runners from either side if playing against a side playing 4-4-2. against a side playing 4-3-3 you only come up against one striker so u can have a centre back come out e.g vermalen! I think arsenal are defending better this year thanks 2 arteta’s discipline in filling in the holes 2 stop breaks! If we could get mvia we will become even more solid!

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