I think I’ve finally got to the same point as many Arsenal fans where yesterday’s result left me feeling numb. It had a sense of inevitability about it. When we were 1:0 up at half time I knew Palace would score next and they did. We were so desperate for that second goal that we threw the kitchen sink at them, forgetting that Bolasie and Sako are two of the fastest, yet least productive(in fairness) wingers in the league.

Bolasie did nothing all game, he couldn’t control a pass, he has no actual technical ability whatsoever, but that didn’t mean we could leave him completely open all game, despite the fact that time and time again he was unable to exploit the space and opportunity given to him.


Yet even a broken clock is correct twice a day and Bolasie got it right, controlled the ball, stepped inside and hit a reverse shot inside the near post – catching out Cech and avoiding the block by Coquelin. I wasn’t angry, I was waiting for it and when it came we just didn’t look like we could get a winner. Yesterday was a massive opportunity to pull back some ground on those above us, given that we have our game in hand on Thursday.

Leicester dropped points, Spurs play tonight and we could have done with putting a bit of pressure on them as they visit Stoke. If they drop points our draw yesterday looks even worse. I’m wholly numb to it all however.  I thought we were rather clueless yesterday, pumping terrible crosses into the box with little hope for anything positive happening. Ted Knutson said on Arseblog on Friday that actually crosses are one of the most inefficient way to score and it reminded me of when we never used to cross the ball – now we hit hopeful after hopeful cross into the box and seem unable to break the mould.

I hate feeling this numb, this negative about it. It’s not me and its not how I feel about Arsenal long-term, but right now, what I’m seeing on the pitch isn’t exciting me at all. We have some fantastic players but we just aren’t making the best of them.  Alexis ran his boots into the ground trying to make something happen but our substitutions could affect the inevitable. We needed to change the system and try and do something different and it just didn’t happen. Worryingly Rambo looked a bit ordinary yesterday – he couldn’t have an effect. I felt his introduction might give us more penertration through the middle but Palace sensible packed the middle corridor of the pitch and challenged us to keep hitting those terrible crosses into the box.

Our set-pieces didn’t excite either, with Ozil looking to hit crosses in for the most part, we took two shots, one from Alexis and one from Ozil, both were dangerously close, but it does make me wonder why we didn’t take more opportunities to challenge the ‘keeper.

It felt a bit like “what we have we hold”, but we didn’t follow the script. We should have kept it tighter, but we chased for more goals to kill the game off and we were too gung-ho again.

So, so disappointing. Right now I wonder whether we can even muster a positive result against West Brom.