Its 2010, shouldn’t No really mean No?

“Arsenal will not sit down to negotiate with us,” she said. “There is a lack of will…they just don’t want to negotiate.” – Barcelona board spokeswoman Toni Freixa

I wonder if someone kept pestering her for sex whether she’d be as understanding as Arsenal are being. Clearly we keep politely saying “No, Arsenal are not interested in talking to you about it” and they just do not take it in.

In a time when “No” rightly means “No”, why don’t Barca go and pull someone else’s plonker…I’m so sick of it I’m writing about it.

Its time Barca faced facts, Arsenal have stated they do not want to sell him. They have categorically stated he will be an Arsenal player next season. Arsenal cannot now sell him. They just can’t. They would look weak and easily bullied. No player would be able to be kept to the terms of their contracts. Its a situation that has been created by both sides conducting the discussions in the media. If Barca had kept their mouths shut and just talked to Arsenal, a deal might have been struck, should they have met Arsenal’s valuation. Now Arsenal can’t let it happen.

Its time Barcelona got the hint. It really is. The never-ending statements coming from their management, their secretaries, the manager and the players is merely making them look daft in the eyes of the media. They asked for Fabregas, Arsenal said No and now they’re practically begging.

Its sad, hugely unprofessional and demeaning for all Barcelona players and management to behave in this manner.

Post to follow tomorrow after the friendly tonight.

WG. apologies, I hate rehashing the news, but that quote was just too much.

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