It begins in earnest now folks

Hi guys,

Sorry for the slow posting, work has been MENTAL these last few weeks.

So excuses out of the way, England are out of the World Cup, I’m pleased in some respects that our insipid performances in no way are excused by the FA and the fans.

There can be nothing good from this World Cup for England. We need to look at how we prepare, how we play and how our leagues are designed to give us an equal shot at the next one as with every other team.

Too many players didn’t turn up. I’ve no time or inclination to name them as we were all watching. We all have our opinions. There were only three players who I felt gave the appropriate performances and each one of them had something to prove. The rest did not and confirmed it.

Still, now it begins, the rumour mill now has something to focus on. Transfers. So expect us to be linked with anyone and everyone that looks the slightest bit twitchy (not including Redknapp) about their contract, their club and their general situation.

In other news it appears the SolMan is as yet undecided about Celtic. Personally, whatever his decision I respect it. He’s 37. He deserves to go out with one hell of a bang.

More to follow guys n gals.


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