Is Raul playing Fantasy Football?

I mean really? 60 Million Euro bid tabled for Dayot Upamecano?

This is a new era, it feels tangible the huge difference in transfer policy to this time last year. Or the year before. Whilst there are clear issues that need addressing in this squad, it actually feels like we are trying to address them.

I will absolutely never forget how pressing our need was for a Centre-back when we went out and instead bought Andrei Arshavin. A player not known for his heading ability and his dark arts of marking a striker out of the game for large periods at a time.

At an eye-watering 5ft 8inches, Andrei wasn’t quite the defender we were looking for.

At the time it was typical Arsene, we laughed with incredulity and then celebrated when Arshavin scored four against Liverpool. That said, it wouldn’t be beyond us to sign a 5ft defender. Our track record with centre-backs isn’t great, which speaks more of a stylistic issue rather than a player issue.

As much as getting Upamecano on board would be amazing, I am not convinced that it would fix our defensive woes at all. I’m hoping a fully fit and prepared Torreira will be able to screen the back four a bit and provide the much needed skirmishing in there.

To my mind, you don’t need to be a 6ft 8inch powerhouse in the middle, look at Kante. You need someone to sniff out the danger and disrupt it. A skirmisher, a disruptor. Someone to just do enough to either break up the attack or slow it down enough for us to be prepared to defend it properly.

My only worry is looking outside of Torreira, we don’t have anyone that can do that.

The boy best stay fit.


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