I’d like to talk a load of balls…nothing new there then…

Balls. A favourite word of mine. Generally used to define when I think something has gone horribly wrong.

Ironically, the Jabulani ball is fairly close to my definition.

World-class goalkeepers (and some rubbish ones as well) have said that the ball is awful. Players have said its unpredictable. Now I like to see goals as much as the next guy but lets give the keepers a fair crack of the whip eh? It seems every major football championship a lot gets made of the new ball and its characteristics..at the last European Championships I recall Mad Jens and a few others saying that was a bad ball too.

There is a well known phrase about “re-inventing the wheel”..a twist on the “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” phrase.

I struggle to understand why a ball that has been panned so significantly can be the ball for a major football championship. Its like Lewis Hamilton stating that the brakes on his car are crap and he doesn’t think it will stop him from crashing, but he’ll go out in it anyway…because he has to.

I know hours of time and millions of pounds go into the development of these balls and improving them, but in this case (forgive me) I think they’ve really dropped the ball. There have been several similar mistakes and errors by keepers as a result of this ball and I refuse to believe that its just a coincidence that keepers can make such basic errors.

Maybe I’m just too nice.

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