He’s off form…but he still got two assists/Team performance

Last night was a good night. It was a good team performance against a resilient Ipswich side that knew if they kept it tight they might sneak it. It took patience, verve and sparks of individual class.

Arshavin is having a dip in form of late and much has been made of it in the media and in the blogosphere. Personallly I’ve been there when nothing seems to be happening for you and everything you touch on the pitch falls to dust. You just have to play through it, just like any sport and Arshavin is trying so hard, perhaps a bit too hard.

However, last night despite constant anti-Arsenal commentary on the BBC, Andrei managed to pull out two assists last night. Firstly providing a great corner for Koscielny and then excellent work to put through Cesc for the third. In terms of corners, Andrei put in about 4 of that exact same corner into the same area for Koscielny to attack and Fulop was able to get to most of them just before Koscielny but on that occasion he was slow to get off his line and Kos finished well. It was a good corner into a good area that consistently took the goalkeeper off of his line and into a dangerous area.

It was a good team performance though, Wilshire was excellent, Fabregas was commanding and battling, Bendtner looked a bit dangerous out on the wing and we were solid at the back. Though Ipswich offered very little going forward as they tried to defend their lead.

Now its all preperations for Huddersfield, another team performance required and we need to get this result first time. We cannot afford a reply this time. Our upcoming fixture list is congested enough thank you!

For now though, for a brief few minutes – Congratulations Gooners, We’re in the Final.


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4 thoughts on “He’s off form…but he still got two assists/Team performance”

  1. The manager should be praised for showing that it was important to go through to the finals, he did well to feature a very strong side unlike in most similar games in the past when fans have been left gasping for air just at seeing the team selection for the day. Although the match still proved to be tough for most of the time on the pitch, it was still clear throughout that we had much better quality and only one outcome was possible at the end of the match..thanks Arsene for easing the pain on the fans !

  2. Anon 09:24 is correct. You know, the manager plays a very important part in how the players view the games. Regretfully, in the past, Wenger treated the Carling and FA Cup games callously as "2nd rated" for back-up players, etc… That's different now, and you all see how players themselves are serious about winning trophies, .."any trohpy", according to some.

    The thing about winning a trophy is that it boost your image and more importantly, your confidence..which will never be achieved by just playing beautiful and 'the best football'. Look at Barca, they are playing great football, but its so important that they keep winning. That's what makes them great, not just attractive..and because of that, they are attractive to talented players. I bet if Arsenal does the same – winning trophies and titles regularly – it will make Arsenal not just a great club, but the best in the world, even topping barca, madrid, manu, etc.. The thing is can we? And the key is in Wenger's hand to bring solid defenders right now – that's what is missing now.

  3. If an off-form Arshavin can contribute some positives in the game, just imagine what an ON-form Arshavin will do!! Need to be patient with him and keep supporting him.

  4. Thats exactly what I'm talking about guys, good feedback.

    Arshavin might be in a dip right now, but he was productive last night and I think his confidence is returning.

    The Carling Cup isn't won yet, but we're favourites and I think we can win it.


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