Hazard warning, joyride on a tractor!

As socially unacceptable as that title might be, its got a double meaning. Firstly, our boys need to be careful tonight. Ipswich are a bit more resilient of late and will put up a fight to defend their slender lead. Secondly, Arsene has come out and publicly declared his interest in Eden Hazard – a rather unprecedented move for him.

Lets tackle Ipswich first, Paul Jewell has come in and the players seem to want to play for him. They came back well at the weekend after a half-time team talk and are performing. They know that they came through the first game on merit and deserve a shot. They will park the bus, but we need to be aware of the counter-attacking methods they deployed at Portman Road.

Our boys need to be focused and believe that its not going to be a joyride, they will have to fight for a result.

On to interesting business with this Eden Hazard chap. For years I’ve been hearing good things about him from when he was playing youth international football and I’ve watched his career with interest.

It seems Arsene has been doing the same and in an unprecedented move (as far as I can recall) has come out and stated he does not wish to destabilise Lille but would make a move the second they tell him a transfer is possible. Personally I think this stinks a bit of Barcelona-esque kidology and I’m a bit disappointed by it. It could mean exactly what Arsene says, but reading between the lines is Arsene asking Hazard to push for a transfer?

Food for thought at least! What do you guys think?


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2 thoughts on “Hazard warning, joyride on a tractor!”

  1. i personally think, the way arsene wenger treat the issue of eden hazard is totally different compared to barca..

    in hazard case, mr wenger only expressed his admiration on the player (when asked about hazard), whilst still respecting both the club and the player himself..

    in cesc case, both barca admin and the players stated explicitly that they want cesc to be at the catalan club..they do every possible thing in order to make it happen, criticising arsenal for not letting cesc go, and to a point where they even forced cesc to wear a barca shirt..uve seen it urself..

    it is very foolish to compare between these two cases..full stop

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