Having a cracking time!

Hi Gang,

Sorry for the lack of updates over the weekend, without my beloved Blackberry its slowing down my output.

However, excuses over, on with the blog!

Soooo…. England eh… Ouch. I was well set for the game, the Mrs cooked a lovely meal and I was plonked in front of TV (with England flag draped on floor in front (like a shrine)) ready for a good game of attacking football, with some patriotic joy thrown in..

Did anyone else get the feeling Rooney just practically phoned in that game…he was peripheral at best. Heskey played well for me, I think he did what he was put there to do, push defenders about, win the aerial battle and create space and opportunities. Fabio’s no fool, he knows he wont get goals out of Heskey in the same way he knows Rob Green won’t make that mistake again.

In Green’s defence (though he has made no excuses, legend) he’s not the only keeper to have struggled to hold onto this ball, the Algerian keeper also spooned one into his net and the Cameroon keeper yesterday saved his at the second time of asking on the line.

Ok, these are hardly stand-out, world-class goalkeepers, but it shows that the ball is troublesome and I think there will be more mistakes to come. Green recovered well to keep out the oft-goal shy Altidore who had a decent game, with a Heskey-like performance.

In summary, it was very disappointing, I felt 4-4-2 just wasnt working for England and I don’t know why he didn’t try to change it. So often in qualifying and in friendlies he’s changed the formation during the match with a great deal of success, so did Big Fab choke?

I guess its not fair for me to comment, needless to say much will be judged on England’s performances after the World Cup and then we will have a greater picture of how successful we were or what potential we’ve got.

Personally, I think we have enough players who can take the game against anyone and win it. Lamps owes us a performance and so does Rooney. Milner had a shocker and will want to prove himself also. I think semi’s for England and we’ll lose out to someone like Brazil, Spain or Argentina and we’ll probably get a right kicking.

Prove me wrong lions, bring it home for me, Dizzy, Cordon, Skinner, Baddiel and those bad-ass Lightning Seeds.


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