4 thoughts on “Hard to beat–a new never-say-die attitude”

  1. Good article mate , I totally agree. The stadium on Monday night was rocking. I think that 99% of people there knew we wasn’t going to get anything but 3 points. The Arsenal are on fire at the moment and 3rd place is well within our sights.. just think what could have been if we hadn’t lost at places like Blackburn. I can’t remember losing as many games as we have this year in the prem… Or players for that fact…. If we’d lost half the amount of games we have this season we’d be top of the league.

    1. Hi Mint,

      Thanks for your comments, really appreciate you taking the time. I totally agree with you, if the fight had been there earlier in the season it could be a wholly different situation, but I guess the team were trying to find their new identity.

      Incidentally, I’m delighted they did. I like this new Arsenal a lot more than 2010-2011.


  2. A Post that sums up my own views extremely well. Robin has come of age this season as our Captain, and his encouragement of the other players, especially his mentoring of Theo has been exceptional.

    We really cannot afford to lose him. Not just because of the obvious point that we would suffer from the loss of his goals but his all round contribution to the first team squad.

    1. Hi RA,

      Totally agree with you. I think his biggest contribution isn’t the goals (although I am mightily grateful!) but his galvanising effect on the rest of the team. An awesome player with an awesome character.

      Love it. Come on you Gooners!!!


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